Neil Gaiman & FourPlay String Quartet

Supported by FourPlay String Quartet
WED 28 DEC @ 8:00PM

Neil Gaiman is best known as a writer, he's been a bestselling writer for over twenty years. He's won awards for his books and stories and comics, from the Hugo and Nebula to the Carnegie Award. He's also a famed and accomplished reader of his own work: his reading of his novel “The Graveyard Book” was awarded the Audie Book of the Year (The Audies are the Oscars of the Audiobook world).

His last Australian performance was a sold out Sydney Opera House appearance for the Graphic Festival, with famed Australian string quartet, FourPlay and the inestimable Eddie Campbell where he read an hour-long story w/ prepared visuals to an enraptured audience.

He recently completed a sold out American tour with his wife, Amanda Palmer. He read and she sang. This time he’ll be appearing both alone and with FourPlay reading stories and poems, things unpublished and things beloved.

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Robert Rich in Sydney

Robert Rich - Medicine Box: Ultima Thule 23rd Anniversary Concert
Friday 10 February 2012 at 08:00 PM

Over the course of his three decade-long career, California-based Robert Rich as become widely acknowledged as one of the seminal figures in the world of ambient music.

Rich's work is founded on the seamless integration of electric, electronic and acoustic instrumentation, and the exploration of just tunings. His musical compositions take the form of organically-coloured, longform, impressionist drone soundworks which are known for their subtle and exquisite layered complexity and beauty.

Ultima Thule Ambient Music is Australia's foremost radio programme of ambient and atmospheric music; it has been broadcast weekly by 2MBS-FM since 1989, and also reaches a national and global audience counted in the many tens of thousands via satellite, streaming audio and podcast.

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New Order at Future Music Festival 2012

I just heard tonight via Michael Watt's facebook feed that New Order are playing in Australia in March 2012. After the news earlier today that The Orb and Bomb The Bass were coming to Sydney, I almost couldn't believe it. such memories from all of these bands. Watt asked everyone on his feed, which is your favourite (apart from Blue Monday of course) - well it's hard to choose just one! I've posted a few below - but add every song on Substance album also, which had quite a workout in my house in the late 80s, let alone the earlier Joy Division albums and songs. there's songs to dance to, and songs to sing along to, all great. in my late night musings I was thinking, wouldn't it be great if they did a side show at a dodgy pub like in Melbourne 1982. that would be incredible!

at this rate (tonight's music announcement discoveries) I think we're going to get to relive the 80s & 90s all over again. bring it on!

The Orb and Bomb The Bass in Sydney

The Orb Sound System and Bomb The Bass are playing a gig in Sydney on February 25, 2012 at the Metro Theatre. Tickets are General Admission. The last time I saw The Orb was in Brisbane at the December 1st Advent*jah party in 2001 - it was a great gig. I can't recall seeing Bomb The Bass play but we used to dance to their songs in the early 90s. I think this will be another reunion for the older dance party crowd.

from the ticketek site page :

Rarely do two such iconic acts who where so fundamental in shaping electronica music come together for two truly amazing Live sets Gusto international proudly present an amazing smorgasbord of sound and visuals to tantalize your every sense. The Orb and Bomb The Bass.

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Philip K Dick's Exegesis launch at Moe's Books

as you may know, Philip K Dick's "Exegesis" has been released. here is a great panel session for the launch - with members of his family and editors of the book. bookmarking the audio - it's very informative! I've started reading the book, but have to stop a lot to look things up. it's an incredible collection of his writing & thoughts post the '74 VALIS incident - apparently there were 6 volumes of letters alone, and he used to keep the carbon copies of them. what a prolific letter writer! I think it'll take me years to finish

also, is a great site with articles about Philip K Dick and religion.

I love that many PKD scholars also write about music.

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One Stop Shopping

Tom Ellard from Severed Heads has re-released an electronic version of the three cassettes called "One Stop Shopping" which were originally included with SLUG Magazine in 1981. The download includes the 61 songs from "Terse Tapes" - Ellard's cassette tape label - plus pdf scans of SLUG magazine, the cassette cover art label, and an article about the release in Rolling Stone magazine dated July 9th, 1981. SLUG magazine has articles and quotes about and from members of the legendary "Clifton Hill Community Music Centre", including David Chesworth from Essenden Airport (see also the recent interview with Chesworth by Bevan Jee)

The Rolling Stone article mentions "Fast Forward" cassette magazine and writes, "What with the ever-increasing popularity of "walky" cassette players ... there would certainly seem to be some sort of cassette revolution and within this development, Australia is something of an innovator." -- Rolling Stone, July 9th 1981 (pdf scan in the zip file)

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Open Air by Chris Caines

Open Air by Chris Caines - Artists Talk - December 3rd, 2011

I went to the Open Air Artists Talk today to hear video artist Chris Caines speak about his current exhibition at the Mosman Art Gallery, which is part of the Festival of Mosman. The work is comprised of a video installation, in The Cube at the gallery, and also a locative iphone application, "Open Air - Locative Audio Essay" which you can view and listen to whilst walking along the path at Sirius Cove, to see the views from the Artists Cove. (I've also used the app at home, so if you're not in Sydney, then you can try it remotely too, but obviously the locative parts won't be the same.)

Once you enter The Cube, the videos and audio starts playing. The videos are displayed in a gallery case, so the viewer can get an intimate view of the moving images by looking down into the case. The Light is amazing, and the colours so rich and vibrant, even with the subtle, delicate blends as Caines adjusts the video by looking forwards and backwards in Time - into the Past and into the Future - to create his video paintings. I think he has captured the light of the works of the Masters in this piece. There are twelve images displayed, which shift throughout time, traveling from the country to the city, as the viewer sees glimpses of both man-made and natural scenes being combined into a modern art work.

There's a soundtrack playing whilst you watch the videos - made from a collection of field recordings from the sites where the images and videos were originally recorded. The effect of listening to the soundscape and gazing on the video panels finding fragments of reality and images in them is quite mesmerizing and reminds me of watching shapes form whilst watching the clouds go by. I felt so relaxed after watching the videos - it's almost like waking up after a dream where you've been watching colours and shapes drift around - there's definitely a dream-like feeling to the work. Footage was recorded over a five year period, and covers the Beauty of the Australian landscape and city-scape. The overall work is stunning - the light and clarity of the video is something to behold. I took a few video clips and photos, below, which don't obviously do the work justice, but are for documentation purposes - you really need to see the work in situ to appreciate its true beauty. Thank you to the Gallery and Festival for including video art in this year's programme.

(raw video clips)

Open Air by Chris Caines #0 (11 seconds)

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Postfolkrocktronica Picnic

Postfolkrocktronica Picnic, with FBi's Utility Fog

thanks to the organizers and artists who played. I arrived a bit late so missed the first couple of performances. loved the venue - so many textures, such a great warehouse & view from the island. and the sound was great. nice to see Raven & Ollie Bown - I'd only heard some of Icarus' cds and music on Utility Fog so it was great to see how he makes his music. interesting to hear that he programs code for it too. and wow, Pimmon! that sounded different to other times I've seen him play. loved it. so atmospheric, and even a bit industrial in there as well. and I do believe he was even dancing a bit! :)

some photos @ (ferry, outpost, performances)

videos :
raw clips - unedited

Postfolkrocktronica Picnic #69 ::: Raven

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Australian Hip Hop Supports CanTeen

Hunter's new charity cd is available today "Australian Hip Hop Supports CanTeen". 100% of the money goes to CanTeen to help kids with cancer. he would have loved to have seen it released, I'm sure. I hope you can all support it. the lineup is great too, so you'll get a double cd of great music from some of Australia's best hip hop artists - it's so great to see everyone in the hip hop community pulling together to help Hunter and others with cancer.

& remember his msg: "As I depart this world with a song in my heart, I just want to say, Love each other! Love will make you happy, Love is the answer to all your questions - I got mad Love!" --HUNTER SBX.

I found the cd @ & I'm sure there's prob lots of other places too, check your fav indie music spot

the album is also available for download on itunes @ (or search "Australian Hip Hop Supports CanTeen")

Postfolkrocktronica Picnic, with FBi's Utility Fog

In collaboration with places+spaces' Cockatoo Calling, Utility Fog presents a very special afternoon at Warehouse 15 on Cockatoo Island, with some of our favourite Sydney post-folk-rock-tronic artists.

Postfolkrocktronica Picnic, with FBi's Utility Fog
Saturday 26th November
1:00pm - 6:30pm
Cockatoo Island, Warehouse # 15

Artists in order of the day:

Option Command
Thomas William (formerly Cleptoclectics)
Ollie Bown (Icarus) (solo + duo with Raven)

with DJing by Utility Fog's Peter Hollo and associates between acts.

The event will run from 1pm to 6:30pm and is BYO. The summer bar will be open on the island, and there is a picnic area outside the venue.

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Open Air

Open Air exhibition is a multimodal mediation by Chris Caines on the tradition of landscape as a subject of artists in Australia from 19th century painting to the media arts of the present day. The Open Air project includes a video installation in the Gallery space and a locative audio essay iPhone app for the Curlew Camp Artist's Trail at Little Sirius Cove.

You can find the "Open Air - Locative Audio Essay" app in the iTunes app store. Produced in partnership with the Centre for Media Arts Innovation at UTS.

Exhibition launch : Thursday 27th October 2011 @ 6:30pm by Councillor Anne Connon, Mayor of Mosman. RSVP by Tuesday 25th October - call 9978 4095

Open Air Exhibition continues from Friday 28 October – Saturday 31 December, 10:00AM – 5:00PM

Mosman Art Gallery, Corner Art Gallery Way and Myahgah Road, Mosman

via :

Chris will create a video installation within using the romantic ideas of the Plein Air tradition as a starting point. These video and audio pieces will be aural and imagistic fictions that imagine possible Australia's and alternate histories of art and nation that spring from the crucial fulcrum of events unfolding in the late 19th century to which the images produced in these locations are central.

The video work will be linked to a site specific GPS iPhone application which can be viewed at Sirius Cove. Together, Chris' video installation and iPhone application will create a strong sense of place and form a link between the Gallery and Sirius Cove, highlighting this important part of Mosman's rich cultural heritage.

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Wired Lab Open Day 2011



WIRED OPEN DAY is your opportunity to experience the immense range and creative applications of the 'wires' and The WIRED Lab arts initiative.

Featuring artists from our annual residency program WIRED OPEN DAY presents performances and installations in response to the wires and their immediate environment.

WIRED OPEN DAY includes 15 artists from around Australia who will realise a new composition by Alan Lamb, David Burraston and Sarah Last, with appearances by William Barton on didgeridoo and his mother Delmae Barton on vocals.

Joyce Hinterding and David Haines will expose us to the electromagnetic world(s) that surrounds us. Garry Bradbury & David Burraston present their ‘Dormative Fields’ wire music installation. Chris Watson’s installation unveils Box Gum Grassy Woodlands habitat through a 24-hour time compression of field recordings.



videos :
raw clips - unedited

Wired Lab Open Day 2011 #0

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I met Virgie in Bangkok recently on an Art Stalkers tour, and she's an amazing woman. This will be a great book - I hope you'll submit and/or grab a copy once it's published by Seal Press



1500-3000 words

Editor: Virgie Tovar - author, fat activist/lifetime fat girl, and MA, Human Sexuality

Deadline: November 15, 2011

I’m seeking personal essays for a fat positive anthology to be released in 2012. I’m seeking essays that either (1) focus on a specific event/experience that was truly flabulous or (2) tell the story of how you became a fierce fatty. I encourage contributors to hone in on a particular theme—like romance, parenting, family, fatshion, dating, performance—to use as a lens through which to tell your story. Fierce, sassy, thoughtful, authentic, non-fiction, previously unpublished, autobiographical stories from fatties who identify as women are welcome. The vision for this anthology is one of fun, unapologetic fat celebration and love!

Envision the book you would have wanted to read when you started out on your journey to fat positivity. This will be that book for a lot of people. So, share what you know and what you’ve learned, the way you navigate the world, your experiences, and don’t leave out the juicy parts!

Girrl girrlsound:digitalgirrl

GIRRL, [girrlsound & digitalgirrl], is a new Brisbane based international organization/hub/forum for women working in or around or interested in the digital and sonic arts. Its aim is to provide discussion, feedback and reviews, present research findings, offer networking, project generation, exhibition space, testing and showcasing of work in progress, initiate collaborations, support for women curating, reviewing, making, theorizing and working in the digital and sonic arts. Girrl is for artists, curators, undergrad and postgraduate students and academics from any discipline who would like to be part of a dynamic group of women, and wish to take the opportunity to discuss their ideas, present work and build international networks.

GIRRL hosts a monthly meeting event, held at The Glasshouse, Creative Industries Precinct, where artists and guest speakers meet and present their work and project proposals and projects in development are presented.

GIRRL plans to hold annual symposiums and exhibitions of women's work, their research and develop projects that engage artists at many levels. Based at The Glasshouse at the Queensland University of Technology's Creative Industries Precinct, the first GIRRL symposium will be held in May 2012.

GIRRL is part of Upgrade! International, a large network of web based and real time gatherings, focusing on art, technology and culture.

The Local Scenes and Global Culture of Psytrance

Graham St John (ed). The Local Scenes and Global Culture of Psytrance
(Routledge, 2010). OUT NOW IN PAPERBACK
Buy online from Routledge and get a *20% discount and free shipping* using the code ERJ88

This lively textual symposium offers a rich harvest of formative research on the culture of global psytrance (psychedelic trance). As the first book to address the diverse transnationalism of this contemporary electronic dance music phenomenon, the collection hosts interdisciplinary research attending to psytrance as a product of intersecting local and global trajectories. With coverage of scenes in Goa, the UK, Israel, Japan, Italy, the US, Portugal, The Czech Republic and Australia, the collection features a dozen chapters from scholars researching psytrance in worldwide locations, employing various methods, within multiple disciplines.

"This stimulating collection of essays by some of the key researchers in the field provides a genuinely insightful and engaging contribution to the study of psytrance, which students, tutors, and researchers will be turning to for many years to come. I warmly and enthusiastically welcome it." --Christopher Partridge, Professor of Religious Studies, Lancaster University, UK


Psytrance: An Introduction. Graham St John

I Goa Trance


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