The Orb and Bomb The Bass in Sydney

The Orb Sound System and Bomb The Bass are playing a gig in Sydney on February 25, 2012 at the Metro Theatre. Tickets are General Admission. The last time I saw The Orb was in Brisbane at the December 1st Advent*jah party in 2001 - it was a great gig. I can't recall seeing Bomb The Bass play but we used to dance to their songs in the early 90s. I think this will be another reunion for the older dance party crowd.

from the ticketek site page :

Rarely do two such iconic acts who where so fundamental in shaping electronica music come together for two truly amazing Live sets Gusto international proudly present an amazing smorgasbord of sound and visuals to tantalize your every sense. The Orb and Bomb The Bass.

The Orb ever since their early hits two decades ago with "Little Fluffy Clouds" and "Blue room" The Orb have been described incessantly as the rave generations Pink Floyd so it was perhaps inevitable that these two institutions would eventually combine with Roger Gilmour amazing Guitar collaboration on the Orb's 2010 album "Metallic Sphere" with a new album shortly to be released don't miss out on this only live Sydney show with amazing visuals to compliment their unique style. If that wasn't enough we have another visual and ear gasmic delight, with Bomb The Bass.

The dusky atmosphere of BNB's 2008 album Future Chaos has given way to a more radiant sound, buoyed by waves of synthesizers and propelled by clean-lined grooves. Raising the tempo, Simenon takes inspiration from classic techno, while vocal contributions from Richard Davis, Kelley Polar, The Battle of Land and Sea, and Paul Conboy bring Bomb the Bass into newfound melodic focus. It's a brighter, more immediate sound than before; warmer, too, with the singers' voices positively glowing inside intricately woven electronic nests. But there's no lack of nuance. Every track is a delicate balance of intimate delivery and cosmic sonics, underscored by a faint sense of melancholy.

Sat 25 Feb - Metro Theatre, Sydney


Metro Theatre, NSW

Sat 25 Feb 2012 7:30PM

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Metro Theatre, NSW on
Sat 25 Feb 2012 7:30PM
Gen Admiss - Over 18
Adult (Over 18's ONLY - Photo ID req) $49.70

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