Public Lecture 2: Architects without Frontiers and Ozquest, David Anderson

Architects without Frontiers and Ozquest: Working in Nepal on community projects

This year OzQuest is running its fourth international program which will provide participants with the opportunity to design + assist in the construction of work in different Nepalese communities.

David Anderson will be presenting the week’s additional public lecture.

This will be held 6pm drinks for a 6:15pm start, Friday 13th August, level 5 Architecture studios Building 6, UTS City Campus

In this presentation, students will be inspired and see how they might have an opportunity to use their skills to participate in an expedition and be able to work alongside local tradesmen and Nepalese Architecture students to construct a facility for a small village in Nepal, be exposed to world heritage architecture and the people and culture of Nepal.

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Australasian Sound Recordings Association Conference

Australasian Sound Recordings Association Conference
1-3 September 2010, hosted by the State Library of Victoria

Outside the Circle sound culture beyond the mainstream

'Outside the Circle' will explore the development and growth of sound cultures that began life outside of commercial and mainstream circles. The conference aims to provide a forum for discussions concerning collections, recordings, research and technology based on alternative perspectives and paradigms. We hope to learn more about the individuals and groups working on the ‘outside’ as well as their unusual uses of recorded sound. How is material generated from these alternative sources collected, preserved and accessed? What impact might this have on curatorial policy?

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‘THE SOUND OF RED EARTH’ compilation - submissions wanted


Kaldor Public Art Projects are currently seeking submissions from sound artists and musicians for a free, digital compilation to be released later this year. The compilation is aimed at framing Stephen Vitiello’s work from ‘The Sound Of Red Earth‘ in a wider context, one that seeks to explore the prevalent themes of isolation, remoteness, distance, nature, environment and ‘earth’ through sound and music.

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A lomo photography & cycling tour of Surry Hills

31 July 2010 – 14 August 2010 Saturday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Surry Hills Bike Tour

A self-guided cycling tour is being held each Saturday during Sydney Design 2010 to showcase the creativity buzzing within the 2010 postcode.

Unleash the photographer within and capture a slice of Sydney on this cycling tour with a difference. Exploring the design precinct and some of the lesser-known parts of Surry Hills, participants are provide with a LOMO camera, map and passport to aid in their self-guided tour, documenting discoveries as they go along. The cycling tour starts and ends at cloth and Metalab, meeting in the middle at I Ran The Wrong Way. These three venues will be showcasing the Designer Sushi exhibition - an exciting new project which challenges designers to re-imagine everyday objects.

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Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture - issue 1.2 available

Edition 1.2 of Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture now published.


Featured Articles

Making a Noise - Making a Difference: Techno-Punk and Terra-ism
Graham St John

Technics, Precarity and Exodus in Rave Culture
tobias c. van Veen

The Aesthetics of Protest in UK Rave
Ramzy Alwakeel

Memory and Nostalgia in Youth Music Cultures: Finding the Vibe in the San Francisco Bay Area Rave Scene, 2002-2004
Eileen M Wu


The History of Our World: The Hardcore Continuum Debate
Simon Reynolds

"Let's Have At It!": Conversations with EDM Producers Kate Simko and DJ Denise
Rebekah Farrugia

From the Floor

Sound System Nation: Jamaica
Graham St John

Capturing the Vision at California's Symbiosis Festival

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Transitory Life - A Retrospective, Songs and Stories - by Laurie Anderson

Transitory Life - A Retrospective, Songs and Stories. By Laurie Anderson

'This is a great chance for me to put together a couple of decades of my favourite stories and songs. They tell a whole different story.' Laurie Anderson

Transitory Life is a solo retrospective performance by Laurie Anderson drawing on her life’s work. The collection of songs and stories includes pieces from Anderson’s acclaimed solo shows The Speed of Darkness, Happiness, The End of the Moon and Homeland.

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Autechre in Sydney - my experiences

I received a last min ticket from @artsdigitalera (tx!) so didn't arrive until about 10pm. rob hall was playing. I liked his set - thought it was quite varied, so there was something for everyone. it seemed to be a mixed, older crowd so I liked that too. I thought he was playing tracks going backwards in time. dubstep -> tech -> breakbeat -> acid house etc so I liked that too.

went downstairs to the side of the stage to hear Autechre. I found myself standing, swaying more like it, in the spot where all the speaker air aligned and it was sending electric shocks through my arms, legs and face - cheeks & nose. lips were vibrating. base of my throat was constricting - I could feel this when I moved to other places, but not the feelings in the rest of my body. I could feel puffs of air going up my jeans and jumper sleeves, and with every beat of the heavy bass it was giving me a shock. it felt like a tens machine had been hooked up to the line out and was sending pulses into the floor & conducting through my shoes with every beat. I showed a few other people the spot and they felt it too. one girl told me it sounded better up the front, in front of the speaker, but that was too loud so I moved back to the other spot where it was less loud (if that's possible). at times it made me feel a bit sick. my nose was running. I had to keep moving away, but I had to keep moving back too. it was the most physiological reaction to a music performance I'd ever felt at a gig (& prob in my life, let alone at a gig) I was thinking that some of those frequencies must be borderline legal?? my friend's dave & murray mentioned there was a band that plays tones/frequencies that cause adverse bodily functions. I just kept thinking of an old Get Smart episode where they'd played tones to blow up or interrogate one of the russian spies - or something like that, I forget the actual details, but I remember seeing an old ep like that when I was a child and wondering how sound could do that. has a video taken throughout the night. ~ 1min of rob hall & ~ 5mins of autechre. it's from my phone cam so not the best quality, and autechre played in the dark, except for the lights of the bar, which I filmed to get some focus. it seemed to me like they were doing a southern cross constellation tour - playing under the constellation glow of the apple logos and desk monitor lights. from the side I could faintly see one of the guys from the glow of light from his mac book pro.

so, for a performance I didn't think I'd get to see as I hadn't pre-planned getting a ticket, it was a great night - a very physical performance/experience for me. I slept & dreamt so well afterwards too.

I had hoped to make it to Graham St John's book launch in st peters though I missed that. there were so many things on last night - it was one of those nights with too much choice so I almost stayed home, except for the ticket offer that made me leave the house.

I have some of Autechre's early albums (1990s vintage) - might need to check out their new one too

-- posted as an email reply to autechre thread on clan-l

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performance art / experimental music

Re-purposing children’s electronic toys and assuming toy-like characters, Toydeath create live music with sounds coerced solely from tortured electronic toys and accompanied by hilarious costumed antics. Using circuit-bending techniques, each instrument is a hand-crafted modified toy capable of extraordinary sonic possibilities. Audiences are exposed to a barrage of hyperactive hootenanny as Toydeath unleash the contents of a toy box six year olds would kill for. Formed in 1995, this Sydney-based trio have appeared at major Australian music festivals including the Big Day Out, Field Day and The Great Escape, and performed in Japan, China, South Korea, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Also playing | DJ Manila Vice


Event Information:

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Auraltered State #3 Featuring Holy Balm, Purple Duck and Pimmon

The performance space in association with dualpLOVER invites you to Auraltered State #3 the third of a series of eight free concerts to be conducted across 2010 focussing on the music of New South Wales as heard through the ears of Lucas Abela. These performances will cross a wide spectrum of music from the state, focused on presenting evenings of contrasting music’s from some of our more irreverent, innovative, unusual and original artists from now, then and the future. All shows will be held at the new Performance Space Clubhouse, situated in bay #12 which has a limited capacity of 100 patrons so please come early. This series has been kindly supported by the NSW ministry of the arts.

29th May

read more for artist bios

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:::::::::::::: SATURDAY THE 29TH MAY 8PM ::::::::::::::::

:::::::::::: IC CAMPUS NORTH WOLLONGONG ::::::::::::::

:::::::::::::::: THE DIGITAL MEDIA CENTER :::::::::::::::::::

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::$10 @ the Door:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

A strange location for a gig, but hey who's complaining. A seriously diverse line up, a kick ass PA, free bus to the door and probably the most left of field event in Wollongong you'll find on a Saturday night. Are you ready to go nuts!!!!

Julian Knowles (QLD), Hinterlandt (GER, SYD), FUKNO (GONG)

$10 on the door. 8pm till late.

Get on the guest list by hitting the attend button and receive discounted entry. Everyone likes a bargain. Sign me up SGT. Cycle!

How do you expect me to get to the gig? Directions on how to get to the IC Campus:

and a map here in PDF format of the Innovations Campus.:

::Julian Knowles:: [ QLD ]

Julian Knowles is an Australian composer and performer, specialising in new and emerging technologies. His creative work spans the fields of composition for theater, dance, film and television, electronic music, sound and new media arts, popular music and record production. Since the mid-1980s, he has established himself as a prominent artist in the area of electronic and new music, achieving significant critical recognition for his performances and recordings.

His current musical output seeks to hybridise popular music structures in experimental electronic music contexts.

::FUKNO:: [ Wollongong, NSW ]

Cut and paste electronics, harsh noise, gabba, and karaoke.
FUKNO aka Guy Sterling is/has been banging his head against harsh noise, cut and paste/sample based electronics, performance and a variety of print based art forms including self publishing/zines for about 15 years. Working in collaborative groups and independently under pseudonyms including 7U?, Rank Sinatra, Dj Rainbow Ejaculation, rev777?, someguy, Count Zoloft, YSL, FUKNO, System Corrupt, Goulburn Poultry Fanciers Society, no frills and Victime de Mode. And will continue to so until he either falls over or starts receiving arts grants
Contact:sevenuy[at]hotmail[dot]com(replace [at] with @ etc)


Hinterlandt was founded by Jochen Gutsch in Australia in 2002 as an experimental music project. It relocated to Germany in 2004, before re-relocating to Sydney in 2010. Hinterlandt is known for long compositions that swing back and fourth between beauty, noise, rhythms, ambiances, melodies, silence and guitar feedbacks.

Hinterlandt has taken on many guises and is known to constantly change shape and colour. Live performances were played in various formats in Cologne, London, Rome, Sydney, Hamburg, Melbourne, Lisbon, Helsinki, Berlin, Amsterdam, and many other places.

::News:: for anyone that reads this far down... well done :-)

August - Alex White and Anna Chase
September - 2 Very Special Guests!

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Arks & DJ Sheep - DJ SHOWCASE


"one of Melbourne's finest DJs goes head to head with Brisbane's own DJ Sheep to bring you the best in soul, funk and hip hop on 4 turntables and 2 mixers! ONE SHOW ONLY!"

Rumpus Room (Cnr. Boundary Rd & Russel St, West End)
Saturday 29th May 2010
Free Entry. 8pm - 2am.

*Arks will also be the special guest at Weird Gear on Sunday 30th May @ Rumpus Room playing dusty gems sourced from his worldwide travels...


Hailing from Melbourne, Arks has been DJing for just under a decade, and is recognised locally as having mastered the ability to mix, scratch and blend hip hop with soul, funk and disco without ever missing a beat. He has accomplished the following milestones during his career;

DJ'd and held down residencies at some of Melbourne's most prestigious venues including; Honky Tonks, Revolver, The Croft Institute, Bimbo Deluxe, First Floor, The Espy, Hi-Fi Bar, Laundry and more!

Did a 1 year stint in Tokyo which included gigs in Tokyo's nightclub hub, Roppongi and residency on the top floor of Tokyo's Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Shared the stage alongside Mr Thing, DJ Spinna, Cut Chemist, ?uestlove (The Roots), Steve Spacek, Harmonic 313, The Beat Junkies (Rhettmatic, Shortkut, Melo-D), DJ Revolution, Rahzel, Tim Dog, A-Trak (Kanye West), Klever and loads more!

A long-time vinyl collector since his teenage years, Arks is widely respected as an authority on vintage vinyl, and has travelled the world in search of elusive dusty gems; Europe, UK, Asia and all over North America including Canada.

Founded MOTIF (Melbourne Open Turntablist InFluence) with DJ Selekt (Australian DMC Champion); a monthly turntablism showcase that saw Australia's best turntablists perform during the peak golden years of DJ battles in this country - past performers included Staen-1, Finatik, DJ Sheep, J-Red and more!

Produced beats and mixed down tracks for Terntable Jediz debut album "All Out War".

Collaborated on a series of battle records with Australian hip-hop legend, John Idem.

Supplied beats for the Liquid Pixel skateboarding video series.

Arks currently holds down monthly residencies at First Floor, The Croft Institute and Dirty Secrets, and is a monthly guest on cult Melbourne radio show "The Breakdown" with DJ Manchild on PBS 106.7 FM. Having accomplished his goals locally in Melbourne, he has set his sights around Australia in 2010 as well as returning overseas!

-- via

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Graham St John's "Technomad: Global Raving Countercultures" book launch in Sydney

Sydney Book Launch May 28 : Technomad: Global Raving Countercultures

Sounds, Images and Readings from Sydney's Techno-underground
Guest Speaker: John Jacobs
DJs: Zeitgeist, Mashy P, Al Corrupt, Franko
Live: Rob Joiner
Refreshments and snacks available
Books sold at discount - signed by author

A cultural history of global electronic dance music countercultures, Technomad explores the pleasurable and activist trajectories of post-rave culture. The book documents an emerging network of techno-tribes, exploring their pleasure principles and cultural politics.
"Beautifully written, with a genuinely international perspective on electronic dance music culture, Technomad is one of the best books on music I've read in some time." Professor Will Straw

More at Facebook events page:

For those who cant make it and would like to buy a copy , AFAIK the cheapest option is via the Book Depository - free global freight :

*** NOTE NEW VENUE *** (same street - different # though)
Friday, May 28, 2010
6:00pm - 11:00pm
The Hutch
12 Hutchinson St, St Peters, 2044

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clan analogue sydney : bandwidth + re:cognition launch

the next edition of bandwidth is now all locked in and will also double as the official sydney launch of re:cognition. there's 15 different acts playing. entry is only $10. there's a facebook event over here -
feel free to spread the spam far and wide....

what: bandwidth - launching re:cognition - the clan analogue legacy collection
where: red rattler theatre, 6 faversham st, marrickville, sydney
when: saturday, june 12
doors: 5pm
entry: $10 - all ages welcome
who: live - bleepin' j squawkins, lunar module, m.o.r., loopsnake, telafonica, actual russian brides, kate carr, valley forge, swingin' tasty bag, bloodloss vegas, aeriae, data transmit
djs - andy rantzen, dj tigerlilly, dj foxbat
visuals by morph

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DJ smallCOCK's Vinyl Arcade

“a ludic, tactile experience of noise art your grandmother would queue to have a go at” - Dan Mackinlay, Realtime.

Calling all racers, dualpLOVER, NIME and the Australia Council for the arts invites you to sign up for The Vinyl Arcade time-trails and compete within our participatory play-set, a kinetic sound and video installation combining vinyl fetishism, video arcade mystique and the machismo of motor sports into a in a video racing game played within a real world setting!

Imagine racing remote control cars with audio pick-ups attached to their chassis through a course constructed from a mass of disused vinyl records. Using vintage video arcade consoles and immersive video projections of the cars P.O.V. competitors will not only control the movements of the vehicles but also the parameters of the resulting sounds they create.

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Cad Factory Show May 16th - Harmonic Frequencies

Harmonic Frequencies is show number 8 in The Cad Factory's 10 month program of live filming, recording and art parties


Robert Curgenven (Europe)
Espadrille (with Ryszard Dabek (improvised Video)
Kraig Grady
Anna Chase

Sydney-based free improv trio Espadrille use traditional instruments (tenor saxophone, guitar, drum kit) and various generations of technology/electronics
(radio, 1980s effects pedals, non-keyboard synthesizers).
Their music can combine ambient, noise, groove and melodic elements. For this performance, new media artist Ryszard Dabek
will collaborate with the group, improvising with images.

Australian-born but now Europe-based Robert Curgenven uses an integrated system of subsonic feedback from ventilators, field recordings, turntables and specially designed dubplates to create a sonic environment which resonates with the acoustics of the performance space. This will be Robert’s last performance on an Australian tour which has included dates in South Australia, the Northern Territory and Victoria.

Anna Chase is a Sydney based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who creates lush, emotive songs, weaving melodies into familiar yet dreamy pop constructions. She uses vocals, guitar and accordian to explore harmonic territories.

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