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Open call for submissions - Streaming Festival 6th edition 12-2011

Open call for submissions 6th edition

This year we’re doing things slightly differently. Instead of exclusively screening films, there’ll also be showcases for 2d art, flash and an audio program.

Moreover we’ve decided to open the call for online submissions again.
So, no more need for post and stamps. Just place a link to your preview, and that’s that.

But here is the thing. Only preview links from are accepted, nothing else. If you haven’t got an account at vimeo, simply register at vimeo and upload a preview of your film(s) there. If your film(s) on vimeo aren’t publicly available, which is fine with us, but do not forget to send us the access code to preview your work.

Obviously, you can still send your work by post if you prefer that.

The film competition will return again in the sixth edition, so if you’re up for running, tick the competition participation box on the submission form.
For now we’d like to invite you to submit your films or 2d art to the festival, while we’re working out the quirks for the flash and audio submission forms.
As per usual, no entrance fee - all genres accepted.

Without further ado, the submission form

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Streaming Festival 5th edition is now live

Finally it's happening, the 5th edition is now live!
From the 1st of December till the 5th, this five day videoart extravaganza will screen around 150 experimental, underground and obscure videos from more than 125 independent artists from all over the world.

Complete program overview of this 5th edition.

Interviews with artists.

And the winner of the first ever competition announced.

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The mind from nowhere and other works on the Streaming Festival

If William S. Burroughs, Surrealism or Hannah Hoch ring a bell, these Dalibor Baric films are made for you: a selection of mind blowing - if not stirring - video trips with awkward wonders, magic and a fair share of insanity, all straight from the obscure world of Baric.

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Videoctober is a collection of experimental audiovisual art. The aim of the program is to give an accurate sample of contemporary videoculture while stressing the all-time significance and power of imagination.

With video's from

1. Sinan Bkbas
2. Theo Tagholm
3. Candas Sisman
4. Reza Dolatabadi
5. Dylan Blythin

Watch this program from 1 to 31 October on:

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Gökhan Okur on the Streaming Festival

This months program is a collection of five animations made by artist Gökhan Okur.
Working mainly as an illustrator, Okur experimented by adding time to his illustrations.

His animation Last train ride was featured in our first edition of the festival in 2006. We’re proud to welcome him back with the première of his latest work: "Off the phone".

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Streaming Festival 4th edition

4th edition Streaming Festival starts on the 20th of November 2009.
Online festival explores alternative presentations for upcoming artists

On 20 November the 4th edition will exhibit more than hundred works of audio visual art from international artists on the Streaming Festival website. Ten days non-stop contemporary art, films and visual experiments, available at any time from any location.
The Streaming Festival is based in the Netherlands but has no geographical borders; anyone with an internet connection can plug into a festival stream and start watching without having to pay an entrance fee.

Besides showing audio visual art from all over the world, we’ll also host an exhibition Streaming Stills in BH139.
We have always focused on online broadcasting through streaming servers, but even though that’s exactly how we like it, we realized that sooner or later offline locations would be our next step in exploring the possibilities to present art to the audience.
So, during the Streaming Stills exhibition we’ll place photographs on one side, while stills can be uploaded live by anyone with an internet connection. The stills’ll be streamed directly from the internet and randomly displayed on the other side of the gallery.

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Streaming Festival Fragment program

Streaming Festival and Geborgen Kamers present:


15 - 17 April 2009

Fragments brings together video work that in some way address the idea of fragmentation, whether through visual technique or concept. Several films in this selection focus on the object of the photograph -a reminiscent of a fraction of time and memory. Others are based on the structural elements of film making such as the close up shot and abstraction as the basis.

This selection is the curator's response the truly eclectic collection of works from three editions of Streaming Festival database. Therefore, the concept of Fragments becomes an ambiguous expression in this context simultaneously symbolising a fragment of the Streaming Festival collection as well a metaphor for fragmentation of images and ideas.

Streaming Festival is an online platform for artists and filmmakers. Its aim is to create an international showcase of work in high quality made possible by using streaming servers rather than download. The festival takes part once a year, and the 4th edition will be broadcasted from 20 to 30 November 2009.

Beginning in May 2009 Streaming Festival will screen a special online program for the duration of one month. Each month the program will change. To celebrate this development an offline screening of the first Special Program Fragments takes place in Geborgen Kamers, The Hague, Netherlands.

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Streaming Festival call for submissions - November 2009

The Streaming Festival is accepting submissions for its 4th edition in November 2009.

Deadline for submissions is 01 Ocotber 2009.
Accepted genres are documentary, animation, video art, flash and narrative.
No entry fee for submissions.

The Streaming Festival is an international audio visual festival on the internet. Films are presented full screen on streaming servers with high image quality.
The 4th edition will start in November 2009, and lasts 10 days. The Streaming Festival is based in the Netherlands but has no geographic boundaries.
Viewers can visit from any location in the world, at any given time and plug into one of the festival streams.

Online submission form :
Website :

Streaming Festival 4th edition | call for entries | November 2009

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The Streaming Festival is now Streaming!

Today at 1900hrs (GMT), we opened the 3rd edition of the Streaming Festival. We are proud to announce that this edition contains a variety of artistic films that come from all over the world.

The festival selected 130 filmmakers, and will show 190 films of which 106 are being premièred on the Streaming Festival! All those works were selected by the festival staff and divided into 14 programs, each program lasting from one to two hours.

What’s different?
In contrast to previous editions, visitors can now view the films separately from the main program. So, it is possible to enjoy the films one by one, or execute a program of your choice and sit back and relax. Visitors can comment on films on the Streaming Festival forum, or send the filmmaker a personal message.

Video Player
We use the Silverlight player program as our main player. Be sure to install Silverlight to view the films in the best possible quality. If you can’t install Silverlight, try the lightwindow or external player option. However, these seem to work slower.

Obviously the rules at an Internet festival are different from those at a regular offline festival. The unique experience of the Streaming Festival is as different for each viewer as much as we each differ from our fellow man and woman.

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Streaming Festival 3rd edition | call for entries | October 2008

The Streaming Festival is now accepting submissions for its 3rd edition in October 2008.

Deadline for submissions is 01 September 2008.
Accepted genres are documentary, animation, video art, flash and narrative.
No entry fee.

Send submissions through postal service, or provide a website link with a preview to the submission.

The Streaming Festival is an international artfilmfestival on the internet. Films are presented full screen on streaming servers with high image quality.

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The second edition of the Streaming Festival ended on the 28th of October 2007.

The second edition of the Streaming Festival ended on the 28th of October 2007.

The festival broadcasted four programs; documentary, fiction, animation and art plus three special programs.
Composed by the KAN festival was a special program presenting a select number of films including films from Agnieszka Smoczynska, Anna Maszczynska and Anna Pankiewicz.

CultureTV brought a special program with selected international video art works. Including works from Pipilotti Rist, Grimanesa Amoros, Gaelle Denis and Bathtime in Clerkenwell by Alex Budovsky.
Visit :

Isfth broadcasted in a special program films from James Harvey, The City of Photographers by Sebastian Moreno and four recent works from Dr Didderiens www dredidderiens nl. This program was curated by Mak Kapetanovic.

We screened 18 hours of independent films from more than 100 filmmakers from over 20 different countries. The Festival was proud to present these films and their makers to you.

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