The Streaming Festival is now Streaming!

Today at 1900hrs (GMT), we opened the 3rd edition of the Streaming Festival. We are proud to announce that this edition contains a variety of artistic films that come from all over the world.

The festival selected 130 filmmakers, and will show 190 films of which 106 are being premièred on the Streaming Festival! All those works were selected by the festival staff and divided into 14 programs, each program lasting from one to two hours.

What’s different?
In contrast to previous editions, visitors can now view the films separately from the main program. So, it is possible to enjoy the films one by one, or execute a program of your choice and sit back and relax. Visitors can comment on films on the Streaming Festival forum, or send the filmmaker a personal message.

Video Player
We use the Silverlight player program as our main player. Be sure to install Silverlight to view the films in the best possible quality. If you can’t install Silverlight, try the lightwindow or external player option. However, these seem to work slower.

Obviously the rules at an Internet festival are different from those at a regular offline festival. The unique experience of the Streaming Festival is as different for each viewer as much as we each differ from our fellow man and woman.

You choose when and how to watch each program in your own way. Observe the films in the harmonious tranquillity of your own silent solitude or watch with your friends, discussing and pausing the films at your whim.

However you want to watch the Streaming Festival is completely up to you and how you best appreciate the work on show.

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