themes - initial thoughts

I've been thinking about what to use for my theme/s - am not sure if they'll fit yet, but here's my initial ideas:

1. encryption/code/glitch - I've read about women who've (over the centuries) added codes to their fabric to send messages to others - encrypted messages in textiles. it fits in with my work too (encrypted digital tv signals/video/audio). and glitch maybe due to something Jack spoke about (how he likes glitch in video but I try to remove it/prevent it at work - so a balance between work & home) & another class I did & the music equipment/making anomolies that turn out to be something beautiful/special/unplanned - the glitches in the code, the mistakes. I've made some (very rough) video art using glitch over the years, so thought it might fit in

2. sound art/experimental music (maybe dance music culture, hip hop too) - not really sure how I'll fit this in yet, but it's another thing I write on, so trying to think of a way to fit it in - it might end up just being a separate project & I use the things in #1. maybe the music part of it - I think a lot of experimental music/sound art could be converted to embroidery - the lines & patterns & feel of the music into colours and lines.

3. geometric patterns - I've been reading a bit about the geometrics movement in the UK. would like to do more research / practice on this. and seeing the patterns in nature to find the natural geometrics - maybe some biomimicry of textiles?

just rough thoughts atm

update: 18/08/2013: I've been thinking more about what I could use for themes, and these come to mind also:

4. women and craft and activism - I think these are all related, though not always tied together, but often when there's one, there's the others.

5. wearable art and wearable technologies - these tie in to those above, but I've been wanting to explore some of these ideas too. I found some flexible solar panels which perhaps could be of use. I have an electronics background though am a bit rusty these days, so it might be time to brush up on these things.