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2ser celebrates 35 years of broadcasting with 35 DJs in 35 hours


As part of celebrations for 35 years of broadcasting we're putting on 35 DJs in 35 Hours!

A welcome throwback to an era where 2SER ruled the airwaves with its 24 hour Mosaic Mix events – showcasing the best Sydney DJs and their incredible catalogue of contemporary and vintage dance sounds – 35 DJs/35 Hours pulls in an amazing crew of 2SER DJs both past and present, coming together for the love of 2SER and a damn fine party.

The honour roll hitting the decks includes cult classics Club Kooky Kids, Elefant Traks crew, Sub Bass Snarl's Luke Snarl, Katalyst, DJ Sveta, Simon Caldwell, Bec Paton, Chasm, Huwston, Deepchild and Annabelle Gaspar. From the current SER program stable, the groove keeps coming from Back to Funk's Meem, Jumping The Gap's Paris Pompor, Down Low Disco's Lorna, Groove Therapy's Frenzie, The Shadows of Tomorrow's Prize and Sofie Loizou, Departure Lounge's Trevor Parkee, Dub is In The Air's Gonz and so many more!

35 DJs/35 Hours kicks off on Friday January 30 at 12pm, live from The Loft behind 2SER in Broadway. It's a free event with everybody welcome! And you can tune your radio in to 107.3 FM to hear 35 DJs/35 Hours live, right through to 10pm on Saturday January 31.


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Israeli & Jerusalem radio

most of the cafes and taxis here in Jerusalem listen to Galatz Radio - this is the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) station. army service is a part of everyone's life here in Israel with teenagers having to serve after they finish high school. they have a Hebrew news services & play popular Israeli and International music.

another station I've listened to online is Israel National Radio as some of the shows are in English. they have interviews and music programs and also Jewish specific programs so it's interesting to listen. I listened to some programs after the Yeshiva was attacked by the terrorist. and today being Memorial Day, there's a special program of songs that every Israeli knows. another program has an interview with local Israeli trance artists ITP - Individual Thought Patterns

of course there's also Voice of Peace Radio which used to broadcast from a ship in the Mediterranean Sea off Tel Aviv. VOP was very popular with the Israeli people and peace protester Abie Nathan was it's main stalwart. this was the first Israeli pirate radio station broadcasting from 1973 to 1993. it's since closed down, though I read they might start it up again one day - not sure if this has happened. they had a reunion in 2006, and a double album tribute cd was released in 2007.

found music so far in jerusalem

here's some artists/music I've found (so far) from checking out a
nearby music store Music House (keren ha-yesod 25) (mostly classical & jazz, but a smaller
section on other styles) in Jerusalem. there's a music store on Shamai Street too where I later bought more cds.

dj Markey Funk
Agitpop Records

- I bought his "Beats!!! AMN Manifesto Sound! Vol 1" cd
Beats from AMS Manifesto shows 2003-2004
nice collection of beats. sort of ninja tune / turntablism style if
you're into that. he has some other radio shows recorded & available
for download on the site @ just downloading
now to take a listen.

his myspace page is - songs there also & info


The Apples
- funk / jazz / beats


Radio Trip


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Indigenous Hip Hop - documentation project / radio

Frank T.G aka Honesty is working on a project to document Indigenous Hip Hop in Australia and to feature them on a Koori radio program based in Marrickville. below is an email sent via the octapod list if anyone can assist. click on the read more link for more details or email

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Join together in a major fundraiser for Radio station 4ZzZFM in this years Dub Day Afternoon 06 event. It will be a chilled out and fun time for all attending!

Dub Day Afternoon 06 @ The Jubilee Hotel, Saturday 18th November!

$15 / $10 Zed subs / Free Passionate subs. Subscribe at the show and get in FREE!

Showcasing the very best of Brisbane's reggae bands, soundsystems and selectas in an afternoon and evening of blunted basslines, skanking roots, blazing conscious dancehall and big tunes.

Heavyweight Champion

Raz Bin Sam and Lion I Band

Rhythm Collision Sound System

Ruby Blue

Samedi Sound System

Suspect Seven

Selecta Bing

Barrington Rankmore III vs Deaf Toll

Lao Mirador

The Jubilee Hotel, 470 St Pauls Terrace, The Valley. 3pm til 1am - 10 hours of reggae, dancehall, dub and ska

$15 / $10 Zed subs / Free Passionate subs. Subscribe at the show and get in FREE

4ZzZFM and artist merchandise/CDs available at on site stall

view the myspace event listing for more details

This is Not Art & Electrofringe festivals 2003 - video

slideshow video of photos taken during the 2003 This is Not Art and Electrofringe festivals in Newcastle, Australia 01-06 October 2003 has info about this year's festival has the 2003 electrofringe website - you can find the program on this site has photos of the event

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Radio One - Dunedin 91FM

Radio One is a radio station based in Dunedi, New Zealand which broadcasts on 91 FM.

"Radio One 91fm is your radio station, home of the intrepid audiophile. We take you to the school and bank your cheque with all the freshest music, the latest news, and the skinny on the places to be."

JJJ looking for paid part-time arts reporters

The Program and triple j have joined forces and are calling across the country for all young folk, 25 and under, with some previous radio/ media experience, to join the J Arts Crew and become a paid part-time Arts Reporter! A reporter will be appointed from each State and Territory, to be mentored by a producer at triple j. Once appointed reporters will come together to undergo intensive broadcast training before being sent out to taste-test the arts far and wide. visit for more details

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SBS Alchemy Radio

Alchemy is an SBS radio program which features Australian artists and music. visit for more details

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SWR2 RadioART - online radio featuring experimental, electro-acoustic & generative music and net art

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Mixing It @ BBC Radio

Mixing It has long been celebrated as a bastion of experimental music radio. It covers a wide range of styles, including left-field areas of modern classical, dance, rock and world music. Hosted by Robert Sandall and Mark Russell.

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