found music so far in jerusalem

here's some artists/music I've found (so far) from checking out a
nearby music store Music House (keren ha-yesod 25) (mostly classical & jazz, but a smaller
section on other styles) in Jerusalem. there's a music store on Shamai Street too where I later bought more cds.

dj Markey Funk
Agitpop Records

- I bought his "Beats!!! AMN Manifesto Sound! Vol 1" cd
Beats from AMS Manifesto shows 2003-2004
nice collection of beats. sort of ninja tune / turntablism style if
you're into that. he has some other radio shows recorded & available
for download on the site @ just downloading
now to take a listen.

his myspace page is - songs there also & info


The Apples
- funk / jazz / beats


Radio Trip


follow some of the myspace friends links there's probably more like this


The Voice of Peace radio station

my friend from work told me about the Voice of Peace pirate radio
station which was broadcast from a ship which sailed just outside
Israeli borders during 70s-90s. it was a non-profit station and didn't
have ads but had peace messages / jingles. there's a double cd with
some of the jingles and songs from the station. it was really popular
with the youth at the time - some stats say 40% of the population
tuned in, and it reached other countries over certain periods when
they ran off dual transmitters/higher power transmission. my friend
was working/living on a kibbutz at the time and remembers hearing this
station all the time and he has very fond memories of it. he can still
say all the jingles - must have heard them all a thousand times! it
was run by Abie Nathan who has a really interesting history also
including illegally flying over the boarder to present peace messages
to the political leaders. the station had support from around the
world - the djs were mostly British djs.
there's a film about the station called "Abe Nathan – As The Sun Sets"
by Eytan Harris - I haven't seen this but I think it'd be really
(a story mentioning they were going to start the station up again)


ambient music:

AMB works vol 1 - A Music for Art, Dreams & Fine Hearts
Music House Records

- nice lo fi ambient / sound art release

world music:

Idan Raichel
Mima'amakim - Out of The Depths is the album I bought but he has a new
one out also
- world music, ethiopian influence

Sahara Lounge
"entrancing fusions of middle eastern melodies and rhythms with cutting edge electronica and remixes"
- I think I have others in this series, the Indian one. I think it's in storage in the UK somewhere so I'll find out when I get back.

Hammam Cafe
"the finest oriental lounge"

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