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Israeli & Jerusalem radio

most of the cafes and taxis here in Jerusalem listen to Galatz Radio - this is the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) station. army service is a part of everyone's life here in Israel with teenagers having to serve after they finish high school. they have a Hebrew news services & play popular Israeli and International music.

another station I've listened to online is Israel National Radio as some of the shows are in English. they have interviews and music programs and also Jewish specific programs so it's interesting to listen. I listened to some programs after the Yeshiva was attacked by the terrorist. and today being Memorial Day, there's a special program of songs that every Israeli knows. another program has an interview with local Israeli trance artists ITP - Individual Thought Patterns

of course there's also Voice of Peace Radio which used to broadcast from a ship in the Mediterranean Sea off Tel Aviv. VOP was very popular with the Israeli people and peace protester Abie Nathan was it's main stalwart. this was the first Israeli pirate radio station broadcasting from 1973 to 1993. it's since closed down, though I read they might start it up again one day - not sure if this has happened. they had a reunion in 2006, and a double album tribute cd was released in 2007.

Eclectic Electrics with Duotech on Freakin Radio

The DUOTECH show rumbles around fortnightly to lay down a barrage of funky electronics for your sonic satisfaction. Programmed by Tor Petersen and Leigh Jardine and streamed through worldwide. If you fancy a listen, as always, it's available to download at eclectic electrics with duotech fortnightly wednesdays from 20:00 UK time streaming on

Radio One - Dunedin 91FM

Radio One is a radio station based in Dunedi, New Zealand which broadcasts on 91 FM.

"Radio One 91fm is your radio station, home of the intrepid audiophile. We take you to the school and bank your cheque with all the freshest music, the latest news, and the skinny on the places to be."

95 bFM - Alternative Radio Auckland

Alternative radio in Auckland, New Zealand - b FM - 95 FM

visit for more info

Mai FM - New Zealand Radio

88.6 FM Auckland's hottest music
Mai History, mai brand
Ngati Whatua had a dream to create a radio station, which embraced multi-cultural Auckland and sent a message to all people to stand proud and look forward to their future. Mai is the Mäori word for welcome and has no tribal affiliation. Mai FM was born out of that dream and a radio brand was created. Mai FM began broadcasting to Auckland in July 1992 and has been going strong for 13 years. Mai FM combines the knowledge accumulated from years of broadcasting and business experience with the talent & energy of youth. The brand represents the aspirations of the young at heart, it celebrates difference and embraces tomorrow. The result - a vital, vibrant radio station that has no peer in Auckland. Mai FM is Auckland's Hottest Music. No doubt.

Extrinia label launches the "Afterglow" podcast

BRISBANE, Australia - August 30, 2005 - In a call out to dark alternative music fans and artists, independent record label, Extrinia, today launched the "Afterglow" podcast at Afterglow will bring the best in music inspired by darker themes - romantic and otherwise - from new and emerging artists from around the world, as well as newly independent but established stalwarts of the Division, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Depeche Mode (and for those who've discovered they've held a long fascination with black eyeliner), Afterglow is set to re-awaken your faith in music. The show features "podsafe" music, where independent artists who own their copyrights give their permission to use their original songs in the show. "We've had a tremendous reaction from the artist community, and we'd love to hear from more artists in the genre", explained presenter and Extrinia founder, John P Shea. "Fans can also request tracks using the request form on the site, and playlists include artist contact details so they can purchase material directly".

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