2ser celebrates 35 years of broadcasting with 35 DJs in 35 hours

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As part of celebrations for 35 years of broadcasting we're putting on 35 DJs in 35 Hours!

A welcome throwback to an era where 2SER ruled the airwaves with its 24 hour Mosaic Mix events – showcasing the best Sydney DJs and their incredible catalogue of contemporary and vintage dance sounds – 35 DJs/35 Hours pulls in an amazing crew of 2SER DJs both past and present, coming together for the love of 2SER and a damn fine party.

The honour roll hitting the decks includes cult classics Club Kooky Kids, Elefant Traks crew, Sub Bass Snarl's Luke Snarl, Katalyst, DJ Sveta, Simon Caldwell, Bec Paton, Chasm, Huwston, Deepchild and Annabelle Gaspar. From the current SER program stable, the groove keeps coming from Back to Funk's Meem, Jumping The Gap's Paris Pompor, Down Low Disco's Lorna, Groove Therapy's Frenzie, The Shadows of Tomorrow's Prize and Sofie Loizou, Departure Lounge's Trevor Parkee, Dub is In The Air's Gonz and so many more!

35 DJs/35 Hours kicks off on Friday January 30 at 12pm, live from The Loft behind 2SER in Broadway. It's a free event with everybody welcome! And you can tune your radio in to 107.3 FM to hear 35 DJs/35 Hours live, right through to 10pm on Saturday January 31.


January 30 – The Loft and live on 107.3FM
12pm – DJ Sveta
1pm – Meem (Back to Funk)
2pm – Katalyst
3pm – Club Kooky Kids
4pm – Elefant Traks crew
5pm – Deepchild
6pm – Blaze
7pm – Simon Caldwell
8pm – Lorna (Down Low Disco)
9pm – Sofie Loizou (The Shadows of Tomorrow)
10pm – Luke Snarl
11pm – Bec Paton

January 31 – live on 107.3FM
12am – Lidia Nikonova (Down Low Disco)
1am – Akil (Footwork)
2am – Electroplastique
3am – Solid Steel (UK)
4pm – Duppy Gun (US)
5am – Another Angle
6am – Slow Focus DJs
7am – A to the K
8am – Andre Space (The Space in Between)
9am – Greg Poppleton (The Phantom Dancer)
10am – El Chino (Departure Lounge)
11am – DJ Huwston
12pm – Prize (The Shadows of Tomorrow)
1pm – Paris Groovescooter (Jumping The Gap)
2pm – Masala Mix with DJ Akash
3pm – The Mothership Connection with Miguel D’Souza
4pm – Gonz (Dub Is In The Air) vs Pete Pasqual (When The Levee Breaks)
5pm – Raine Supreme (Hardcore Classic)
6pm – Frenzie (Groove Therapy)
7pm – Annabelle Gaspar
8pm – DJ Victim
9pm – Vaughan
10pm - Alphatown

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