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Delhi to Agra / Taj Mahal, 16 July 2006

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Delhi to Agra / Taj Mahal

16 July 2006

more photos @ http://flickr.com/photos/aliak_com/tags/tajmahal/

gps data - Delhi to Shimla

gps data - Delhi to Shimla

gps data : NZ, Australia, UK, India

gps data : NZ, Australia, UK, India

Other Film Festival Sound Walk, Brisbane 24/03/2006 - video

I went along to the Sound Walk workshop and walk at Other Film Festival in Brisbane earlier this year. here's a slideshow video of some photos taken along the walk. it brought back such memories! the walk was from South Bank to the city along the river. we went through the Botannical Gardens near QUT Gardens Point which is where I went to Uni. everything was so familiar though I hadn't been there in a few years.

the music is "Don't you worry" by The Beloved

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Arte-Polis: Creative Culture and the Making of Place - Indonesia

In an era of globalization, activities of the creative economy such as fashion, film, television, theater, music, dance, visual arts, design, architecture, advertising, publishing, multimedia and information technology, have contributed significantly to local economy, community life and the creation of places in cities. Such cities have taken advantage of the trend in natural agglomeration of creative industries, not only as a result of economic efficiency but of innovative synergies unleashed in industrial clusters, given that information, imagination, opinions and cultural sensibilities are transmitted through them. This agglomeration of design and knowledge-intensive industries attain place-specific competitive advantages by utilizing local symbolic culture, which becomes embedded in products that are value-added and unique in character. Together with this trend, carefully designed places in cities that offer life-style choices and amenities emerge as an important strategy for attracting talented people. These cultural places become hubs for creative communities, given that groups of creative professionals tend to cluster in places that provide not only the kind of jobs they seek but also the quality of life amenities they prefer. However, there remains a gap between global and local settings, in which a framework is needed to situate the cities of developing countries within this global phenomenon. Equally important is an understanding of how local knowledge and creativity in different cultural and economic contexts, particularly of cities in developing countries with their informal economy, contribute to this continuing discourse at both theoretical and practical levels. Read more or visit http://www.ar.itb.ac.id/artepolis for more details

max/msp course @ Goldsmiths college, London - gps data music patch project

earlier this year I did a max/msp course at goldsmiths college. the class was taken by the very clever and talented sebastian lexer who puts on the interlace events in london and performs at various events and festivals. if you're looking for a max/msp course, I highly recommend this one - whether you've used max/msp before or not. the projects by the other class members were really cool also!

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gps artist - Iain Mott "sound mapping"

Sound Mapping: an assertion of place *
* Proceedings of Interface '97
This paper proposes an argument for the role of sound installation in addressing the physical relationship between music and the general public. The focus of the discussion is on an outdoor interactive music event titled Sound Mapping, which explores the issues raised. Sound Mapping is a site specific algorithmic composition to be staged in the Sullivan's Cove district of Hobart. Sound Mapping uses four mobile sound-sources each carried by a member of the public. These sound sources are played with respect to geographical location and participant interactions using a system of satellite and motion sensing equipment in combination with sound generating equipment and computer control. The project aims to assert a sense of place, physicality and engagement to reaffirm the relationship between art and the everyday activities of life.

Games Creating the World Versus New "Advancements"

The internet has been ablaze recently with talk of map products from Google and similar plans from Microsoft. These additions are really cool to look at but do not seem to offer real value or things to do in the worlds. As an avid gamer, I was questioning, haven't we seen similar things from games in the past. Last year we saw the release of True Crimes: Streets of L.A. and The Getaway (based in London).


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