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Theory of the D

Published in Internationale Situationniste #2, 1958

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locative media news

news items on what's new and cool in locative media

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Make World

make world is a unix command used to completely update an operating system. It's designed to follow the latest developments once the local sources are synchronized. Typing "make world" in the command line rebuilds and renews the whole system while it's running. The first make world festival took place from October 18th to the 21nd in Munich. Against the backdrop of one of the fastest growing High Tech and New Media clusters in the world, scientists, theorists, artists and activists were invited to participate in presentations, constructive conversations, reflection and debates. It was an opportunity to link up different approaches while keeping and challenging their diversity, contextuality and self reference.

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Drew Hemment: The Locative Dystopia

Makeworlds paper#4 is a product of collaborative text filtering and appeared in a circulation of 10,000 hard copies on dead tree. It was produced as a collection of associated or complementary or auxiliary text material at the occasion of NEURO--networking europe, from February 26-29 in Munich (DE). But also beyond the actual event the paper will be valuable as a entry point to the various debates, presentations, workshops and audio-visual productions during and around the festival.

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workshop : GPS for Artists - workshop notes & links

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notes from workshop: GPS for Artists - A Locative Day Out workshop with Ivan Pope at Isle of Wight

- class exercise showing how gps uses 3-4 satellites to track a location

- originally the military built gps
- variance - this was removed recently which meant the accuracy of commercial (non-military) gps devices increased

- you need line of sight to 3-4 satellites (3 for location, 4th for altitude); 3 minimum

- sometimes in cities, reflections from buildings stop the signals being received


We can now alter social and spatial aspects of the rooms, campuses and neighbourhoods we inhabit. Walls, doors and curtains have become increasingly archaic interface elements.

The Locative Media Lab facilitates the exploration of these technologies, media, and praxis. Specifically, it organizes opportunities for software development, artistic residencies, and research.

Together the participants form an international multi-disciplinary Locative Network.

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The Degree Confluence project

The project is an organized sampling of the world. There is a confluence within 49 miles (79 km) of you if you're on the surface of Earth. We've discounted confluences in the oceans and some near the poles, but there are still 12,433 to be found.

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Mobile art and locative media

Dr Reinhold Grether's directory to mobile art and locative media - art through locative/ mobile/ pervasive/ wearable/ wireless devices


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