Ivan Pope presents a Locative Day Out

Knowing where you are is a fundamental human right.

We take this for granted as we generally know where we are.
Who might not know where they are? Prisoners, patients, soldiers,
children, workers, passengers --
What do we mean by 'where we are'? I am in a University of Brighton
lecture room, in the sculpture department, in the Grand Parade
buildings, in south Brighton, in Brighton, on the south coast, in East
Sussex, in Sussex, in the South East, in the South of England, in
England, in Great Britain, in the United Kingdom, in norther Europe, in
Europe, in the norther hemisphere, in the west, in the first world, on
Earth -- etc

How can we ensure we know where we are? What steps need to be taken to
ensure people know where they are? What are the effects of not knowing
where you are?

Is the right to know where you are anywhere enshrined in law?

And while I'm on the subject:

I'm doing two GPS for Artists workshops with SCAN on Feb 19th at Quay
Arts, Isle of Weight and on March 12 at New Greenham Arts so if you
fancy a free day out with a GPS unit and a camera and an introduction
to GPS for artists, please book up now.

GPS for Artists, Ivan Pope workshop, 19/2/05 Quay Arts, Isle of Wight,
UK; 12/3/05 New Greenham Arts, Berkshire UK

Places still available and it is free to attend. Booking essential.
Phone 01590 682824

Ivan Pope presents A Locative Day Out

The satellite based Global Positioning System (GPS) allows us to record
basic information about their location, direction, altitude and speed.
Using small hand held devices, artists can record and interpret this
data to create mapping, locative, durational and other works. GPS
allows us to take back knowledge of our whereabouts, and to annotate
this knowledge, or to reuse it as we wish.

Artists can use access to this locative data that forms the background
to all our lives, to add another layer of information to work. Whether
we want accurate information or chaotic disinformation, the gps
satellites transmit unceasingly 24 hours a day, not caring whether we
make use of their datastreams or not. We can anonymously take up their
offering and convert it to human data.

This one day live workshop will introduce the basic functioning of the
GPS and demonstrate GPS devices and software along with digital
cameras. Participants will be able to use GPS devices and digital
cameras in the field to create their own personal mappings of the
locality. These mappings will form the basis for a workshop in creating
combined and annotated maps and images.

We will spend the day looking at software and hardware and discussing
psychogeographic and locative issues while making our own maps, playing
gps games and adding to the global store of waypoints.
Ivan Pope

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