architectural spaces

architectural spaces

Urban Stories website - Life & Living in Mumbai

I just received an email about Urban Stories website via the Sarai Reader list

Urban Stories: A Collection of Graphic Essays on Mumbai Posting 6 Please view updates,pics and works in progress at

THE project is taking shape.. and so far, learnt a lot about the city, good and bad. Most of the last week or so, its been either the rain or the riots in Mumbai, so just been stuck at home. With regards to graphic design, its been satisfying to actually have the time to work and experiment.. To try and break cliches, playing with colours and forms.

Currently, each graphic essay is a stand alone piece.. covering a range of topics from sexuality to urban identities to architecture.. (stil workin on them..)What needs to be done is linking them up, making them part of a cohesive whole with text and classification (temporal aspect). That should take shape once all the pieces are ready.. Looking at about 18-20 pieces right now, some are very detailed, some not so detailed.. with the post modern view especially evident in the text/ typo on each piece.. I see the final presentation also as something that one can experiment creatively with..

Though for a project like this, reseach has been very specific to each piece..nevertheless have learnt a lot about the city..mainly photography and print media reserach have been key.

Hope to upload finished pieces in the near future..and get feedback to further refine each graphic essay.

Arte-Polis: Creative Culture and the Making of Place - Indonesia

In an era of globalization, activities of the creative economy such as fashion, film, television, theater, music, dance, visual arts, design, architecture, advertising, publishing, multimedia and information technology, have contributed significantly to local economy, community life and the creation of places in cities. Such cities have taken advantage of the trend in natural agglomeration of creative industries, not only as a result of economic efficiency but of innovative synergies unleashed in industrial clusters, given that information, imagination, opinions and cultural sensibilities are transmitted through them. This agglomeration of design and knowledge-intensive industries attain place-specific competitive advantages by utilizing local symbolic culture, which becomes embedded in products that are value-added and unique in character. Together with this trend, carefully designed places in cities that offer life-style choices and amenities emerge as an important strategy for attracting talented people. These cultural places become hubs for creative communities, given that groups of creative professionals tend to cluster in places that provide not only the kind of jobs they seek but also the quality of life amenities they prefer. However, there remains a gap between global and local settings, in which a framework is needed to situate the cities of developing countries within this global phenomenon. Equally important is an understanding of how local knowledge and creativity in different cultural and economic contexts, particularly of cities in developing countries with their informal economy, contribute to this continuing discourse at both theoretical and practical levels. Read more or visit for more details

2nd International Conference on Communities and Technologies

The workshop will focus on any topics relevant to discuss how Information and Communication Technologies are reshaping the human relationships at the urban level and the public space of our cities. Relevant topics include:

* the integration of digital environments and sustainable physical environment;
* ways forward to effectively design, paln and manage the augmented media-rich city;

aether architecture

news, people, contacts and publications. We are an adventurous young design practice focusing on the convergence of new media and architecture. Our work has been recently exhibited both at ISEA 2004 in Helsinki and at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, and published in European design magazines including the upcoming special issue, 4DSpace, focusing on interactive architecture by Architectural

Bartlett interactive architecture workshop

The Bartlett interactive architecture workshop is the base from which concepts about time dependant architecture can be explored both theoretically and experimentally.

Urban Sustainability for the Twenty-four Hour City

VivaCity2020 is an ambitious, 5-year research project developed by the Sustainable Urban Environments consortium. Commencing April 2003, this EPSRC-funded research initiative will deliver practical tools and resources to support sustainable and socially responsible urban design decision-making.

The consortium comprises the University of Salford, University College London, Central St. Martins, London Institute and Sheffield Hallam University, together with more than 30 partner organisations. Adopting an action research methodology, VivaCity2020 will analyse urban planning, design and consultation processes to identify when and how key decisions related to urban sustainability are made.

interactive architecture courses

Courses in Interactive Architecture (ia)

Urbanology - urban, locative, spaces & living

Links to many organisations and websites relating to locative, spatial, urban spaces, architectural design of cities


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