Naggar School of Photography, Media and New Music (Jerusalem)

The Naggar School of Photography, Media and New Music is a creative institute that allows students to achieve skills artistically, creatively and professionally in the fields of photography, digital media, video and new music, with an emphasis on inter-disciplinary work. The Naggar School is located within the Morasha (Musrara) neighborhood in Jerusalem, Israel. visit for more details

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Art, Music, Culture in Jerusalem today - event listings and what's happening around Jerusalem

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Jewish quarter of Old City

sections of the Jewish quarter of the Old City, Jerusalem

music is "Some Place (intro)" by Coolooloosh - a great local Jerusalem based / Israeli band


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NaVloPoMo 14 - day # 14 Ben Yehuda B-Boys

NaVloPoMo 14 - day # 14 Ben Yehuda B-Boys

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the bboys were back in Ben Yehunda mall as I was coming home from work tonight. usually I've seen them there Thursday nights (equivalent to Friday back home as the weekend is Fri-Sat here not Sat-Sun as it is back home). they were just warming up I think. trying a bit of popping & locking this time.


NaVloPoMo 12 - day # 12 - drive to work in Jerusalem

NaVloPoMo 12 - day # 12 - drive to work in Jerusalem = source file = blog post

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this is about 3 and a half minutes of my drive to work in Jerusalem - taken this morning. most days the taxi driver takes me through the religious area. sometimes along the freeway 'begin north'. I like going through the suburbs as it's more interesting to see people on their way to work or doing their daily tasks in the morning. at night it's late and dark so it's harder to take video. I sometimes worry about filming people, but the compression and reduction in size has made the people unrecognizable, and yet enough to trigger my memory. I love the Jerusalem stone buildings (limestone I think) - there's a rule that says all the buildings in Jerusalem have to be made of Jerusalem stone. I think it helps keep it's character. the old buildings are large blocks of stones, the newer ones are just 1inch veneer and some are starting to incorporate plates of glass.

the song is "My Life" by Echotek, an Israeli artist - from the album "Life Is... Dimensions" on Israeli label BNE records. I bought a few of their releases during my last visit - great sounds!


(it's just cut edited in QT pro with the raw clips and was a bumpy ride - I must go to a lot of places with potholes..)

ben yehuda st blocked off

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the other night I got out of the taxi at the top of Ben Yehuda st and heard a loud BANG! then sirens started. I walked down the street to find that the main section of the mall had been blocked off. the police had just blown something up - maybe a tourist had left a bag unattended. the police man behind the truck was rolling up the wires and another walked back up the street. then it was all over. the street was only blocked off for about 10 mins. I walked down the street and took a look from the side - 2 mins later you would never have known it'd been blocked off. people were walking around again. there's so much security in Jerusalem - it feels really safe. ...

This video was originally shared on by AliaK with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

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Jerusalem harp player in Ben Yehuda St

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this lady plays the harp every night during the work week. beautiful sounds. I didn't get good footage of her as I don't like taking photos of people too closely, but it's enough to get the idea. still playing with recording audio along with photos. I like it - it lets me imagine the what's happening within the scene using the sounds as a guide. the video tells more of the actual story even though it only captures part of the information. 08/10/2007, Ben Yehuda St Mall, Jerusalem, Israel

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jerusalem wireless

the internet connection in the flat where I'm staying is driving me crazy!! it works for about half an hour a couple of times a week. the landlords are looking into it. so I've been going to cafes. and now the cafes connection is not working also. and being a holiday (& shabbath/saturdays also) most of the stores are closed. so now I'm sitting on a bench in Hillel St - there's a few open wireless networks in this street. I'm using a cafe one at the moment - the cafe is closed for the holiday. I tried out kismac but couldn't login from home - it was taking forever to collect enough packets to even attempt to work. so maybe I'm doing something wrong - or perhaps I need a different wireless adaptor.

but I did notice a cool feature where it can make sounds for the different wireless networks. so here's a couple of screenshots and sounds.

Jerusalem wireless - Shamai01

Jerusalem wireless - Shamai02

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Zills & Arabic Percussion

yesterday I bought a dvd on Arabic Percussion - it's a how - to / instructional dvd by Yinon Muallem, "Master of Percussion". I don't think I'd be able to carry a traditional drum around with me on my travels, and I thought they were made from wood & animal skin so wouldn't be allowed back into Australia by Customs anyway. I spoke to the guy from the shop and he had modern versions not made of wood or animal skin which sounded great when he played them but I said I'd think about it.. instead I found a couple of pairs of finger cymbals / zills - like the ones bellydancers use. the larger ones are the more professional versions and sound the best. the smaller ones are the cheaper ones found in most of the stores at the markets. but these fit my hands better so I thought I'd start with them. you wear them on the thumb and middle finger and can do a couple of strokes - hit together then open again for the higher 'ting' and hit together and stay together for the 'clap' sound. the store had a dvd also for bellydancing, hopefully it's got some English. their website lists the classes but it's in Hebrew so I can't read it yet.. - the arabic bellydancing & musicians site - the arabic percussion dvd site

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Olam Qatan - a chat about Israeli, Turkish & Middle Eastern music and books

Olam Qatan is a spiritual books and world music store in Emek Refaim St, Jerusalem, Israel. I spoke briefly with it's owner Ya'qub ibn Yusuf, who explained some of the music and books available in his store. Sounds like there's a fusion of East meets West happening in Israel and Turkey, which is really interesting to hear. It's great to speak with Independant store owners - their passion for music & books is contagious and it's great to discover new sounds and genres.

(H)earat Shulaym (Note in the Margin) - Independent Journal for Contemporary Art

(H)earat Shulaym (Note in the Margin) is an Independent Journal of Contemporary Art and Literature published by the group of artists Sala-Manca. The purpose of the magazine is to temporaly shift the gaze of the "reader" from the dominant culture, which, for the group members is mostly a marginal culture. The aim is to expose works from artists from different fields that were conceptualized far from main existing trends. This magazine is published without advertisments and without any official support.

The aim of (H)Earat Shulaym – Journal for Contemporary Art and Heara (comment) events (multidisciplinary events for contemporary art) is to meet new trends on art, artists and public, through the creation of new ways of art exhibition and creation from those that the artistic mainstream institutions propose. The development of this independent work in Jerusalem is a step of the process of deconstructing the centralist Israeli Art map and in the creation of new centers that are independent from the traditional art centers and institutions. In these two projects more than 160 artists took part and more than 230 art works were shown and published.

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postering in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv

in jerusalem, and even tel aviv there's not much postering going on - on the walls of the buildings. it seems much more controlled. they have these boards up at regular spots around the city. there's a number to call at the top of the board and I've seen the guys swapping the posters each week.

so it's a small business for the board holders. similar to the flyer bags in UK.

there's a mix of events listed on the boards too. I've seen flyers, with bits of english that I could read, for djs (eg Markey Funk who's cd I bought the other day - a down tempo hip hop / turntablist), plus larger concerts and jazz festivals and book readings / fairs and workshops / lectures. most of the things actually look like they'd be quite interesting if I could read / speak Hebrew!

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Soundscapes @ Tower of David, Old City, Jerusalem

Soundscapes Exhibition, in the courtyard of the Tower of David, Old City of Jerusalem, Israel, wednesday 25/07/2007. Outdoor instruments play compositons as people walk around the grounds. there's a light show also which highlights the instruments playing. it's a beautiful space and the sounds are very melodic.

"Numerous oversized instruments, including a harp, drums, tambourines, bells and contrabass, are automatically played by computer command producing an original composition. Mechanical arms play the instruments and each creates its very own sound."

found music so far in jerusalem

here's some artists/music I've found (so far) from checking out a
nearby music store Music House (keren ha-yesod 25) (mostly classical & jazz, but a smaller
section on other styles) in Jerusalem. there's a music store on Shamai Street too where I later bought more cds.

dj Markey Funk
Agitpop Records

- I bought his "Beats!!! AMN Manifesto Sound! Vol 1" cd
Beats from AMS Manifesto shows 2003-2004
nice collection of beats. sort of ninja tune / turntablism style if
you're into that. he has some other radio shows recorded & available
for download on the site @ just downloading
now to take a listen.

his myspace page is - songs there also & info


The Apples
- funk / jazz / beats


Radio Trip


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a letter from Israel to family & friends

posting a letter from Israel to family & friends - this site seems to be turning into my travel blog ;)

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