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aliak_com_as_graph3, originally uploaded by AliaK.

aliak_com_as_graph3 as a graph using Processing app from - completed graph

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Impromptu is a programming language based on scheme which can be used for live programming purposes eg live coding of music. visit for more details

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Sleepy Brain

Sleepy Brain was an online magazine created by Simon Sellars, a freelance writer and editor. Hess also the founder of the Liquid Architecture festival of sound art; of Subterrain, a magazine of writings about homelessness; and of Ballardian, a website recording the career and influence of the novelist J.G. Ballard. For the past three years Simon has been performing extensive work for Lonely Planet Publications, including a notable stint in the Micronesian region. Sellar is also a co-author of the forthcoming Lonely Planet Guide to Micronations. visit for more details

vPIP - video Playing in Place from Cinegage Utilities

Cinegage Utilites have developed an elegant solution to posting videos on websites with their vPIP utility. Now it's easy to post multiple videos on a single page and have them play one at a time. The Play in Thickbox feature is pretty cool too - the video movie plays as an overlay on the page you're on. Visit the Cinegage Utilites website to download and find out more : or click on the image below to view a quick demo (& an elephant in delhi)

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second life

I'm getting into Second Life. I tried to use it a couple of years ago when I first heard of it but my old laptop graphics card wasn't up to spec so I couldn't actually logon :( since getting the macbook I no longer have this problem! so my second life name is Alia Kiama, I haven't bought any land yet but I'm going to try make some objects.. once I work out all the new terminology. it's similar to the old compuserve worlds away and active worlds avatar based systems but seem to be more popular. the main difference is that when you build something you are allowed to keep your IP. people are making their living in RL (real life) creating objects in the world. you can buy and sell Linden $ (the inworld currency) on websites, and for US$.

(I'll post SL articles using my second life name, Alia Kiama)

some links whilst researching second life stuff :
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Second Life developers site

Delhi - Drive to work video

Here's a quick video I shot whilst driving to work yesterday - it's of a few scenes in New Delhi, India. I don't really like talking on camera but thought it was time I practiced and started uploading some more videos.

It's an .mv4 file - hopefully it will open in QuickTime!

or click on the link below for direct download / to open file manually

Drupal Theme Garden

Drupal Theme Garden, is a place where you can see the work of Drupal artists in action. Artists who have (re-)designed their Drupal site, who have found Drupal a great basis for their artistic skills. On this site you can select different Drupal themes and see what the site looks like, then download the theme for your own Drupal based site.

visit for more details

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