Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies

Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies is a biannually published, refereed journal. The journal covers the studies of music sciences, together with the studies of music and sound in the disciplines of humanities, social sciences, cognitive sciences, medical and engineering sciences. Our aim is to establish a wide range of interdisciplinary platform for the scholars studying on music and sound.

The journal accepts submissions of original studies from any academic discipline studying on music and sound such as: ethnomusicology, popular music studies, history of music, music theory, acoustics, anthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, communication sciences, linguistics, cognitive sciences, computational sciences, artificial intelligence, biology, neurology and physiology.

Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies is published with a limited number of printed versions, only for authors and specified libraries. Every issue is mainly published on the journal's free access public web site. So getting use of the opportunities of www, we intend to publish samples of audio and video materials related with the accepted papers on the journal's web site. for more details