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Eclectic Electrics with Duotech on Freakin Radio

The DUOTECH show rumbles around fortnightly to lay down a barrage of funky electronics for your sonic satisfaction. Programmed by Tor Petersen and Leigh Jardine and streamed through www.freakin.org worldwide. If you fancy a listen, as always, it's available to download at http://www.duotech.org/page3.htm. eclectic electrics with duotech fortnightly wednesdays from 20:00 UK time streaming on www.freakin.org

gps drawing - driving from work to home 25/02/2005

gps drawing - driving from work to home 25/02/2005

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I'm trying out the 'blog this' feature from flickr to drupal. it's working well - I need to change the format a touch but that's hopefully just a bit of tweaking. posting some pics in random chronological order.

gps drawing - driving from work to home (chandlers ford to southampton) 25/02/2005. I have some gps data from NZ, Sydney, NSW - QLD drive, Brisbane, India to create images and upload also. I must have overwritten the Brussels data as I haven't seen the files in a while. I don't think I had the gps when I went to Seoul but I'll have a look for the data in case I've just mis-filed it. There's even the gps for artists workshop gps walk we did on the Isle of Wight.. so many things to catch up on...

Uploaded by AliaK on 9 Jul '06, 7.35am NZST

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LUX - UK Film site

LUX is a not-for-profit organisation that supports and promotes contemporary and historical artists' moving image work, and those who make it, through distribution, exhibition, publishing and research.

max/msp course @ Goldsmiths college, London - gps data music patch project

earlier this year I did a max/msp course at goldsmiths college. the class was taken by the very clever and talented sebastian lexer who puts on the interlace events in london and performs at various events and festivals. if you're looking for a max/msp course, I highly recommend this one - whether you've used max/msp before or not. the projects by the other class members were really cool also!

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DAWN Creative Entrepreneurs Programme for Asian Women

The Dynamic Asian Women's Network is hosting a Creative Entrepreneurs Programme 2005. Sponsored by Creative London and hosted by the British Library, the programme aims to provide Asian women entrepreneurs from the Creative Industries sector with a structured opportunity to focus on and realise their businesses' targets. The three day programme (Monday 19 September, 3 October and 10 October 2005) comprises interactive workshops covering seven business modules, supported by reading material, a networking event, and a mentoring session. read more for details or visit http://www.mydawn.co.uk

DELILAH'S GOLD debut EP released

The self titled debut EP from 'DELILAH'S GOLD' has been released. The four track CD is available to buy from http://www.delilahsgold.com or from the iTunes music store. At 5 GBP including postage and handling, this is a deal you can't miss. The EP has been receiving positive reviews - "The first thing you hear when you put in this CD is the stunning vocals, although this band is not just about vocals, as they play some great guitar harmonys. (sic) . . . I really like this band and if you are looking for something that sounds unique and different then check this band out." -- Musicpress.co.uk

Games Creating the World Versus New "Advancements"

The internet has been ablaze recently with talk of map products from Google and similar plans from Microsoft. These additions are really cool to look at but do not seem to offer real value or things to do in the worlds. As an avid gamer, I was questioning, haven't we seen similar things from games in the past. Last year we saw the release of True Crimes: Streets of L.A. and The Getaway (based in London).

Is mobile 3D finally on the move?

Two years ago, experts predicted that by 2005, 3D games on mobile devices would be everywhere. They were premature - yet recent stirrings suggest the sleeping giant is finally waking. 3D World Magazine interviewed Kurt Uhlir - IGDA Mobile-SIG Chair and Chicago Technologist, Thor Gunnarsson - Ideaworks3D and David MacQueen - Screen Digest to get there thoughts. While the magazine is normally $15 or so on the stands, the IGDA is providing the full text of the article in PDF. If you are looking for a career in graphics, as I am, it is worth the read.

backstage.bbc.co.uk Open Tech 2005 (london)

Sponsored by backstage.bbc.co.uk, Open Tech 2005 is an informal one-day conference about technologies that anyone can have a go at, from "Open Source"-style ways of working to repurposing everyday everyday electronics hardware. read more or visit http://www.ukuug.org/events/opentech2005/ for details


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