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The Graduate Certificate in Sonic Arts, London

Graduate Certificate in Sonic Arts, LCC, University Of The Arts London. Duration: 15 weeks from January 2005. The Graduate Certificate in Sonic Arts gives you an opportunity both to learn new skills and refine and develop your existing techniques, broaden and deepen your practice and extend your critical awareness of trends and issues in contemporary Sonic Arts practice. read more for details on how to apply

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Pure Data (PD) workshops in UK November / December

Workshops and Demos on Free + Open Source Software for artists by Aymeric Mansoux and Derek Holzer. While many tools exist for sound, multimedia and VJ purposes, few of them are designed with an open architecture which allows artists to configure the tools they use themselves. Fewer still are free to use, share and rebuild. This workshop introduces the software combination of Pure Data, GEM and PDP/PiDiP, running on the Linux operating system, as a platform for audio, video and multimedia artists to explore. Full workshop program [actual program varies with venue]: http://electric-boogaloo.goto10.org/pdzilla/ or read more for details

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ANALOGORAK: electronic textures and noise

ANALOGORAK with sounds by Neil Dowell, Mike McInerney, Michael Norris - Mondays, 9pm Kingsbridge Inn, Totnes, Devon, UK. expect to hear junk percussion, home-made thinggies, feedback and effects, and a collection of analog synths & the occasional shakuhachi. visit http://www.macinerney.com/analogorak.htm for full details

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Course in group interactive electroacoustic music

An interactive electroacoustic music course being held in London allows musicians to explore ways of working together to make live electroacoustic music. Working in small groups, the course participants create various systems in which live improvisation can take place. Issues such as gesture mapping, group control, sound spatialisation and instrument/ interface design are explored. The course uses a base of specialised Max/Msp programs, and an assortment of interfaces which can be customised during the course. Interfaces include the Icube, a blackboard sized touch sensitive screen. game controllers , keyboard, video. For further information about the course contact Thomas Gardner : 23thomas@onetel.com">123thomas@onetel.com

Fat Cat Records

Fat Cat Records is a music label which includes the DIY resource

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The Face magazine

The Face magazine has fashion, music, arts & style from the UK. visit http://www.theface.co.uk for more details or email editorial@theface.co.uk

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Mixing It @ BBC Radio

Mixing It has long been celebrated as a bastion of experimental music radio. It covers a wide range of styles, including left-field areas of modern classical, dance, rock and world music. Hosted by Robert Sandall and Mark Russell.


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