Not Still Art Festival - New York

Not Still Art, a forum for artists working in abstract and non-narrative electronic motion imaging with music/sound design, disseminates artists' work via international screenings, live performances, conferences, publications, and hard and virtual media. Not Still Art produces historic and contemporary programs in collaboration with art institutions, broadcasters, publishers, and internet organizations.

Ed Burton - SODA

Ed Burton is Soda's Research and Development Director and is always seeking new ideas for new technologies. He also loves to play and is the original culprit behind sodaconstructor, the java toy that exemplifies his peculiar passion for dynamic interaction facilitating creative play and emergent behaviour.

Juergen Schmidhuber

Since age 15 or so Prof. Schmidhuber's main scientific ambition has been to build an optimal scientist, then retire. In 2028 they will force him to retire anyway. By then he shall be able to buy hardware providing more raw computing power than his brain. Will the proper self-improving software lag far behind? If so he'd be surprised. This optimism is driving his research on mathematically sound, general purpose universal learning machines and the New AI which is relevant not only for robotics but also for physics.

sxsw 2006 coverage links

coverage of the 2006 SXSW festival can be found here :

there are audio podcasts from some of the sessions as well as videoblog recordings

the main festival site is @

keepintime documentary & performance

Today I'm meant to be packing up my things as it's my last weekend in Auckland. One more week of work here then I'm on holidays for about 5 weeks - 10 days in Sydney (more packing!) then flying back to NZ to drive around the South Island.

I bought a few DVDs last year and haven't had a chance to watch them yet. This one's amazing - they're all having such fun. It's been around for a while and the film has played at many of the film festivals and there's been live gigs in Los Angeles.

Buy a copy!!


here's the trailer from the Mochilla website


click on the image to goto the video player page

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Documentation of events including interviews, audio, video and photos for archival purposes.

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This section is slowly being updated with documented older events - mostly photos, audio recordings and some reviews & informal interviews, and more recently video. There's also a few notes from courses and workshops I've attended. I haven't had time to transcribe some of my notes / audio interviews so I'm posting photos of my notebooks and raw recordings on occasion - perhaps this is better than nothing!

Machinima Workshop: Making Films out of Games - Amsterdam

Machinima is making film in the 3D space of a computer game. By treating the game's point of view as a camera, the gamespace becomes the set, the game characters turn into film actors, and the gamer gets to be a director. During this 4-day workshop participants create their own Machinima movie under the guidance of inspired game developers and award-winning machinimamakers. They will take you through all the main technical, creative and cultural aspects of making Machinima. More info about this workshop can be found on

Jan Svankmajer

Jan Svankmajer is described as an 'Alchemist of the Surreal' on the Illuminations website. His work includes films, texts, ceramics, sculptures, collages amongst others, and his animations are widely known as an influence to many film producers.

PES films

PES is a stop-motion animation film director. He also creates clever advertising videos. Visit the site to view some of his films and to read more about him. The 'making of..' movies are interesting to watch!

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