Not Still Art Festival - New York

Not Still Art, a forum for artists working in abstract and non-narrative electronic motion imaging with music/sound design, disseminates artists' work via international screenings, live performances, conferences, publications, and hard and virtual media. Not Still Art produces historic and contemporary programs in collaboration with art institutions, broadcasters, publishers, and internet organizations.

Since the inception of the Not Still Art Festival in 1996, when the first "call for entries" went out, tapes have been received from all over the world. Artists who felt isolated for lack of a venue devoted exclusively to their art form have travelled from Toronto, Virginia, Philadelphia, Boston, Rio de Janeiro and Hong Kong to see their work screened at the Festival.

Not Still Art wishes to increase public exposure to an artform that has evolved from the film cell format of the animations of the Cubist painters and the experimental filmmakers of the early 20th. century, to "real-time" electronic imaging with the development of analog video synthesizers in the 1970s and digital tools since the 1980s.

The ecstatic impulse found in the creation of abstract and non-narrative electronic motion imaging communicates universally and internationally.

WHAT: 9th Annual Not Still Art Festival
WHEN: Saturday October 2, 2004 1:00 pm Artists Talk / 8 pm SCREENING
WHERE: Micro Museum, 123 Smith Street, Brooklyn NY (718) 797-3116
CONTACT: nsa "at"
ADMISSION: $10. / $5. student/senior (no one refused for lack of funds)

The 9th annual Not Still Art Festival will screen it's eclectic international mix of music, abstraction and non-narrative shorts at 8:00 pm on Saturday October 2nd at the Micro Museum in Brooklyn.
This finely wrought exhibition of unique and original work will be preceded in the afternoon from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm by previews and interviews with attending artists.

"I'm so glad I found you" is an oft repeated phrase from artists tucked away in their studios in far-flung parts of the world. Often they travel to New York for the festival to meet their peers. This is a joyous event for everyone attending; a party and celebration for the long hours spent in creating their work.


ATTENDING ARTISTS: William Brown, Christine Dunn, Chris Ernst, Ido Fluk, Carol Goss, Annie Loui, Robert Pirretti, Stephanie Maxwell, Allan Schindler, Bart Woodstrup, Walter Wright. (Please see links to their home pages at NSA home)

There is a great line up of debut pieces!
Chris Casady's very art deco flash animation; Ido Fluk's rant "What I Want" (not "...a dying mortgage... a house, an SUV, ...spend my life in front of the television..."); Chris Ernst's on and off relationship with the Watts Tower in LA,: Carol Goss' "Byegones", a contemporary take on a 1925 Boswell Sisters tune; Francesco Leprino's very sexy, Italian "On Smoking"; Tod Pardon's fast pasted "Undercover" romp; and Judson Wright's completely abstract "Homicidal Maniac for a President"!

Human relationships are obsessed over in "Cyberdate" (Bart Woodstrup), "Madcatter" (Robert Pirretti), and "Sing to Me You Precious Wound" (Max Gleason). William Brown takes us to a seemingly absurd ritual in India in "Holi Celebration." John Kneckt's playful "Crisis in Sapville" resonates with the presidential election on a surreal level. Mark Zaki's "Absence Presence" is an impressionistic collaboration with dancer, Annie Loui.

Amazing abstract animation from Stephanie Maxwell, Christine V. Dunn, Keum-Taek Jung, Stephan Larson, Gerhard Mantz, Walter Wright, and Audri Phillips is complemented by music from a range of composer/musicians, including: John Adamczyk, Christopher Brakel, Allan Schindler, and Edgar Grana. World class improvised jazz comes to us from Arrigo Cappelletti /Giulio Visibelli and the Jon Voight Ensemble.

ADDITION: Friday night October 1 at 9:00 pm at the Micro Museum there will be a live Electrovideomove Performance with Music: DJ DeftlyD, Darryl Hell, David Linton; Video: Dial888, Lena, w2; Dance: Joe Burgio, Teresa Czepiel, Heather McQuiston, Edisa Weeks. Make sure to catch this the night before the Not Still Art Festival

Founded and curated by Carol Goss as a sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts, Not Still Art began in 1996 when four video artists (Goss, Walter Wright, Peer Bode, Bob Doyle) from the 1970s gathered together in Cherry Valley, New York for a public screening of their abstract and non-narrative video art. That event evolved into the annual Not Still Art Festival International Screening pimarily by word of mouth and e-mail relay.

The impetus was twofold: first, there was a need for a festival that focused exclusively on abstract and non-narrative electronic motion imaging with music/sound design; secondly, with the internet and e-mail it was at last possible to reach many of the international artists working in this form with a very small budget.

Abstract and non-narrative work has never been easy to fund raise for - mainly because it defies description - so try to write a grant proposal! So the Not Still Art Festival has progressed with the help of the artists, who contribute an application fee, and the Experimental Television Center, which pays a stipend to traveling artists from a Presentation Funds Grant (redistributed funds from the New York State Council on the Arts) .

We are also are fortunate to have Gala Radowic of GRS Systems in Manhattan convert PAl submissions to NTSC. The Laziza's of the Micro Museum support us with their energy and their space., a subsidiary of, has provided us with a website and internet connection from day one and has shared equipment and technical resources.

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