Alternatives 2005: Contemporary Art Spaces in Asia

Our new publication, Alternatives 2005: Contemporary Art Spaces in Asia, enlists the hottest spots to see the latest works of contemporary art in Asia. This guidebook was compiled for readers who may want to visit Asian cities to see the local contemporary art scene, those who are looking for partners and collaborators for an exchange program with arts professionals, those who are carrying out research, and many others who are interested in Asia and would like to access local information. visit for more information

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Bangalore club djs on radio

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Date:14/08/2004 URL: Metro Plus Bangalore Chennai

The party partners are back

The two biggest party animals in town reunite with the first-ever independent radio show dedicated to club music

ROHIT BARKER and DJ Ivan are two names that spell "party" to any young 'n' restless Bangalorean. Having the ex-RJ and the country's best DJ at a club is a sureshot way of ensuring a combination of the wildest music and crowds partying like the world is going to end tomorrow. Besides being favourite Page Three personalities, Rohit and Ivan created the first-ever dance music show on radio which had a successful run for two years before the station changed its priorities. After a hiatus lasting a year and a half, the duo have come together to create the first-ever independent radio show in the country.

India music stores and online distributors

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The Hindustan Times
Sunday. August 27, 2000
Musical escapades: From the racks to the Net

IÔøΩm a cyber viber, In a virtual sea/IÔøΩm a glider rider, On a surfing spree.

photos of Bangalore, India uploaded to gallery

photos of in and around Bangalore, India have been uploaded to the photo gallery - click here to view

Raqs Media Collective

Raqs Media Collective - excerpt from Wikipedia entry

Raqs Media Collective is a group of three media practitioners - Jeebesh Bagchi (New Delhi, 1965), Monica Narula (New Delhi, 1969) and Shuddhabrata Sengupta (New Delhi, 1968) - based in New Delhi. Raqs is best known for its contribution to contemporary art, and has presented work at most of the major international shows, from Documenta to the Venice Biennale; but the collective is active in an unusually wide range of domains, and it is perhaps this breadth that gives their work its originality and scope.


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