Online learning at MIT

Online learning is the way of the future for educational institutions. MIT has initiated it's OpenCourseWare site @, citing online classes in various schools such as arts, engineering, business and many more. The official launch began in September 2003 after a successful pilot which began in September 2002. By 2007, MIT hopes to have all of it's courses available online.

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Audiopollen - "putting words to sound" radio program

"Putting Words to Sound" @ Audiopollen - Local National Experimental - WED 11pm - 12am - 4ZZZ 102.1fm Brisbane ONAN RITUAL TRANSMISSION - TUES 10pm - 12am Brisbane EST (Midday GMT) SUBMIT TO: Lloyd Barrett c/o 4ZZZ PO BOX 509 Fortitude Valley QLD AUSTRALIA 4006

::: location: - new media culture magazine describes itself as a "new media culture_magazine + international design portal". It showcases "outstanding" talented graphic art, web and flash design artists with a special section for "powagirrrls" from around the world. The site has numerous links and reviews along with news and cool examples of flashware, plus helpful tips and a "thought_archive" for contemplation. a visit to the site will most definitely "feed your eyes" as they quote on the homepage - feed your eyes and hopefully your creativity

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[QSTAGE] news

arts news from QSTAGE- click on read more for details

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Brain machine "improves musicianship"

: Scientists have created a technique that dramatically improves the performance of musicians. The system - called neurofeedback - trains musicians to clear their minds
and produce more creative brain waves.

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New Directions In Music Tech At Siggraph

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