DELILAH'S GOLD debut EP released

The self titled debut EP from 'DELILAH'S GOLD' has been released. The four track CD is available to buy from or from the iTunes music store. At 5 GBP including postage and handling, this is a deal you can't miss. The EP has been receiving positive reviews - "The first thing you hear when you put in this CD is the stunning vocals, although this band is not just about vocals, as they play some great guitar harmonys. (sic) . . . I really like this band and if you are looking for something that sounds unique and different then check this band out." --

Games Creating the World Versus New "Advancements"

The internet has been ablaze recently with talk of map products from Google and similar plans from Microsoft. These additions are really cool to look at but do not seem to offer real value or things to do in the worlds. As an avid gamer, I was questioning, haven't we seen similar things from games in the past. Last year we saw the release of True Crimes: Streets of L.A. and The Getaway (based in London).

Is mobile 3D finally on the move?

Two years ago, experts predicted that by 2005, 3D games on mobile devices would be everywhere. They were premature - yet recent stirrings suggest the sleeping giant is finally waking. 3D World Magazine interviewed Kurt Uhlir - IGDA Mobile-SIG Chair and Chicago Technologist, Thor Gunnarsson - Ideaworks3D and David MacQueen - Screen Digest to get there thoughts. While the magazine is normally $15 or so on the stands, the IGDA is providing the full text of the article in PDF. If you are looking for a career in graphics, as I am, it is worth the read.

generator x - generative art & design conference

Generator.x is a conference and exhibition examining the current role of software and generative strategies in art and design. The site also has many links to generative art works and studies. visit for more details

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cfp : The body/technology-instrument/technology paradigm

Contemporary Music Review (Routledge) invites papers from writers reflecting on sound in relation to the body/technology; from anyone who attempts to define and/or crtically examine threshold conditions of instrument and performer; writers who are keen to challenge con- or discontinuities of instrument and performer, be it in the form of laptop improvisation, interactive sound environments, 3d cave installations, sonic architecture, or other performance situations.

::: location: Open Tech 2005 (london)

Sponsored by, Open Tech 2005 is an informal one-day conference about technologies that anyone can have a go at, from "Open Source"-style ways of working to repurposing everyday everyday electronics hardware. read more or visit for details

RENEGADEPENGUIN presents 'The Story of CHAR'...

Yonks ago there was a bloody huge fire that raged over the land. From The Great Bushfire the CHARMAN were born... click read more to continue..

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New reviews/works/conferences. All reviews can be accessed from front page Work In Progress : Conor McGarrigle. Reviewed by Pau Waelder. A new reading of Ulysses is being developed by Irish net artist Conor McGarrigle, who has set himself the task of creating a series of pieces based upon James Joyce's novel. The project is unusually large in scale for a net art piece. As McGarrigle puts it "It's a big project, but it's something I wanted to do, because I wanted to start a project that I could work on over a long period of time, because a lot of what I did before was short, self-contained and have no follow-on, which is how a lot of net art is like." Reviewer: Pau Waelder.

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