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Work In Progress - Conor McGarrigle. Reviewed by Pau Waelder.

A new reading of Ulysses is being developed by Irish net artist Conor McGarrigle, who has set himself the task of creating a series of pieces based upon James Joyce's novel. The project is unusually large in scale for a net art piece. As McGarrigle puts it "It's a big project, but it's something I wanted to do, because I wanted to start a project that I could work on over a long period of time, because a lot of what I did before was short, self-contained and have no follow-on, which is how a lot of net art is like." Reviewer: Pau Waelder.

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Ideal Word - Enrique Radigales. Reviewed by Chris Joseph.
Rather than battling against the huge fluidity of viewing conditions, ideal Word actively explores an intrinsic concept of digital production- (WYSIWYG)- only it's what you see is almost what you get. 'What You See Is What You Get'. Rather than battling against the huge fluidity of viewing conditions, actively explores this intrinsic feature of digital art - what you see is almost what you get. For site creator Enrique Radigales, this 'almost' describes' a blurred circumstance, a space for the translation between the digital and analogue states, the relationship between the contemporary human being and its coexistence with computerized environments."
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Pervasive Connections. Reviewed by Ruth Catlow.
Pervasive Connections was an event organised by SPACE Media Arts and Iniva 'focusing on opportunities for artists to work with new social technologies'. The day comprised of presentations, workshops and panel discussions and tickets were sold out, mainly to artists, arts organisers and producers. Let's Do Lunch by Take2030 which 'tracks Hackney's public access wireless nodes and its lunch menus along bus route 26 in the form of a series of documentary videos' was also installed in the Space gallery.
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Dreamlogs - Christophe Bruno. Reviewed by Dan Waber.
On the way I learned that Dreamlogs are "The new world order" and "confront the temporality of a dreamed life with the infinite dimensionality of speech" and "an idea association engine". "They propose another way to surf on the Internet, by disentangling the discourses that have interlaced over time" and "a new interface to the Global Text: a non-utilitarian and non-local alternative to search engines".
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Feral Trade Coffee - Kate Rich. Reviewed by Ruth Catlow.
Feral Trade Coffee: A New Media For Social Networks: Feral Trade Coffee is imported by Kate Rich from Sociedad Cooperative de Cafecultores Nonualcos R.L. in high altitude El Salvador and traded along social networks. Whilst never actually calling itself art, this project reveals the social-context, texture and aesthetics of this venture in 'new international trade relations', with coffee as its medium.
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