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Research Group in Interactive and/or Digital Art and Technology

This site is dedicated to the forms of art using programs as a first class material. So actual and yet so classical.

algorithmic art
cybernetic art
generative art
genetic art
artificial art
interactive art
software art
=> programmed art

Systems - models - simulations - processes - cybernetics - real time - artificial entities - animats - robots - interactivity - intersubjectivity -perceptive systems - autopo


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RENEGADEPENGUIN presents 'The Story of CHAR'...

Yonks ago there was a bloody huge fire that raged over the land. From The Great Bushfire the CHARMAN were born... click read more to continue..

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New reviews/works/conferences. All reviews can be accessed from front page Work In Progress : Conor McGarrigle. Reviewed by Pau Waelder. A new reading of Ulysses is being developed by Irish net artist Conor McGarrigle, who has set himself the task of creating a series of pieces based upon James Joyce's novel. The project is unusually large in scale for a net art piece. As McGarrigle puts it "It's a big project, but it's something I wanted to do, because I wanted to start a project that I could work on over a long period of time, because a lot of what I did before was short, self-contained and have no follow-on, which is how a lot of net art is like." Reviewer: Pau Waelder.

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VisitorsStudio - real-time, collaborative, sound & visual tool

An open, multi-user, online arena for creative dialogue, and collective, real-time performance where we invite you to chat, mix and upload files to participate in the creation of new, visial & sound works. Come & play - it's also free :-) If you wanna see what you can do with it...
Dissension Convention [2004] :
Coinciding with the Republican Convention in New York, over 20 international net artists and digital artists broadcast a new collaborative art-polemic with a focus on how Bush and the US Republicans negatively influence every locality around the world. This real-time multimedia protest jam was projected at RNC NODE and in local NY bars.

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Dorkbot - people doing strange things with electricity

people doing strange things with electricity

what's dorkbotlondon?
first there was dorkbotnyc, a monthly meeting of electronic artists in new york.

"dorkbotnyc is a monthly meeting of artists (sound / image / movement / whatever), designers, engineers, students and other interested parties from the new york area who are involved in the creation of electronic art (in the broadest sense of the term.)" [more dorkbotnyc]

dLux media arts collective

dLux media arts is one of Australia's leading and longest established screen and media arts organisations. Since its formation in 1980 as the Sydney Super8 Film Group and then as the Sydney Intermedia Network, dLux media arts has transformed in response to technological, aesthetic and cultural shifts in experimental screen, sound and interactive digital arts.

Latin American netart

Latin American netart resource site


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