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Code Art cdrom


CD-ROM // 2004

- shown at the Art Center nabi in Seoul

::: location:

Maori Arts

Maori website show case Maori Arts and artists through out Aotearoa New Zealand with a free web listing and information service. aims to market and promote the Maori art community of New Zealand to the world web with an easy to use friendly web interface.

dosensos - mobile art projects

dosensos is a mobile arts organization and curatorial agency working from London in collaboration with artists, curators and organizations .

Its activities include the curation and production of international artist exchange projects and exhibitions. Dosensos supports artists and projects in the area of sound and visual arts, new media and net art as well as public art.


[net art at furtherfield : web art, political art, poetry, critical text & creative freedom]

HTTP:// House of Technologically Termed Praxis

HTTP:// is London's first dedicated gallery for networked, new media & sound art. It provides a public space for experimental approaches to exhibiting relational, technologically termed art. Dosensos and Furtherfield have joined forces to work with artists from around the world to develop alternative means of exhibiting online and screen-based projects in the gallery context. Artists' projects on


The Window project aims to create a situation where artists, writers, academics, engineers

International Society on Virtual Systems & Multimedia

To discuss these issues from an artistic, technical and commercial perspective is the objective of the VSMM Society. This society covers a very wide range of topics of interest, including not only pure technological issues but also mathematical, medical, agricultural, educational, psychological, artistic, social, and other issues related to virtual systems and multimedia information processing.

Mobile art and locative media

Dr Reinhold Grether's directory to mobile art and locative media - art through locative/ mobile/ pervasive/ wearable/ wireless devices


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