Drupal Camp - Sydney 18/10/2008

today 18/10/2008 was the Sydney Drupal Camp - held at University of NSW campus in Camperdown & hosted by the Drupal Australia Group. Ryan Cross did a fantastic job organising the "unconference" with assistance from many people in the group. I'm too tired right now to write up my notes about it - suffice to say it was a great event and I learnt a few new tips to try out. I'll try write more tomorrow & post the photos (I only took a few) after some sleep. I'd helped out by recording audio of the sessions which will be uploaded to the group site & available for those who couldn't make it.

attached are the raw notes I took during the day - pasted below for searching purposes. I spent all day in the "B" area - which was beginners, but they went through some of the new drupal 6 modules I haven't used much yet. area "A" was more for the hardcore programmers.

photos @

there are more photos by woulfe / Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney @

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Sydney Drupal usergroup meeting 16/10/2008

I went to the Sydney Drupal Usergroup - October Meetup last night - my first one in Sydney. previously I've only been to the drupal sessions at fosdem 2005 in Brussels as I'd never been to Brussels and wanted to see what it was like. I'd been using drupal for a couple of years at the time and was testing upgrades. initially this site was a custom made php site that I coded to let me do data entry for events / news items and display them on the site in the same format I used for the mail lists which had been running for a few years prior to the site - so at the time, the custom php site saved me time. but also I found I spent a lot of time getting the site to work and adding new features, so when a friend (thanks Damian) asked me over to try out some CMS's including Drupal and we got it working in about an hour, I was hooked! the format of the articles was not exactly the same as what the previous site had been using, but it was so much easier to manage! I can't remember the exact date I moved the site to drupal, but by looking at the the wayback machine pages, it seems to have been in june / july 2003 - maybe 23rd july??

slideshow of fosdem 2005 :

other drupal articles on this site

so, back to the Sydney meeting...
I was surprised to see so many people there - probably around 25-30 people. I hadn't realised drupal was so popular in Australia - though to be honest, I hadn't really checked for a few years. even the European and USA conferences and meetings are really popular now! great to see!! and there's so many books available.

notes (point form) :

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Q-Bert Scratch World Tour 2002

Q-Bert Scratch World Tour - Sydney 19/12/2002

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A Night Of Theatrical Electro/Pop/Rock

This Saturday 11th October at the Empire Hotel Annandale, Sydney band Super Massive will be headlining a trio of bands that fearlessly deliver performances of extroverted theatricality, whilst exploring their own different blends of electro/pop/rock.

The event will be happening at the Empire Hotel, Cnr Parramatta Rd & Johnston St Annandale. Entertainment begins at 9pm. Entry is $10.

Super Massive take dance rock/pop to new heights with the funkiest live rhythm section in town and powerful songs of recklessness, love and reckless love, guaranteed to make you want to hit the dancefloor.

Led by dynamic frontwoman Malina, whose vocals and stage presence have been compared to Peaches, Shirley Manson and Siouxsie Sioux, and described as 'Kylie's porno double', Super Massive are an underground force to be reckoned with.

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stencil print by SYKE

280920082113, originally uploaded by AliaK

this is Sydney / Newtown artist SYKE - her myspace is

SYKE started an outdoor art area in newtown (sydney) where she and other artists paint and then people can donate what they can for the art works. I think they'd suit the as often the works are on sections of cardboard boxes. the article mentions sometimes kids save up their pocket money to buy some... nice way to start kids appreciating art & craft / creating things instead of buying mass produced wares

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stencil print by Peter Strong

280920082112, originally uploaded by AliaK

this is a print from Peter Strong - one of the Ohms Not Bombs crew

"These canvas's are mixed media works by Peter Strong.

OtherFilm : tour dates for Guy Sherwin and Lynn Loo + Ben Russell and Ben Rivers

OtherFilm, Brisbane Australia based film art collective presents UK artists Guy Sherwin and Lynn Loo's Australian / NZ tour 2008, and from the USA and UK, Ben Russell and Ben Rivers' Australian / NZ tour 2008. read more for details

Like a blast of cinematic conceptual art, film artist Guy Sherwin's hand-crafted films explore the elements of film's grain, tone, flicker, sound, light and space. Beautiful, enigmatic, and sensual, these experimental films question our perception of 'light moving in time.' Together with partner Lynn Loo, Guy creates cinematic environments of incredible purity and beauty. OtherFilm regulars will be familiar with the awesomeness of the London Filmmakers' Co-op, where Guy's filming began.

The Ben's will present visionary cinematic dispatches encompassing stark Cinemascope documentary, jungle surrealism, stroboscopic flicker psychedelia, children in frightening pseudo-tribal headgear, and More! Their shows in Australia include the incredible screening program 'We Can Not Exist In This World Alone' plus Ben Russell's expanded cinema extravaganza.

July/August Events 2008

Brisbane Australia based film art collective organising events, screenings, workshops, distribution, good times

In this newsletter

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Liquid Architecture 8

Listen. Deeply.
from Liquid Architecture's About page

Liquid Architecture, Australia's premier sound-arts festival, celebrates its eighth consecutive year with concerts, artist talks, workshops, forums, live performances, exhibitions, installations, audio-visuals and recorded work. Featuring our most imaginative musicians, composers, film-sound designers and media artists in a sense-specific feast for the ears.

What is 'Sound Art'?

Sounds of Seduction - Goes Mondo Mod

Sounds of Seduction - Goes Mondo Mod

Ride your Vesper and dust off your mini skirts, go-go boots and stove Pipe pants at Hermann's Bar for groovy, funky dance floor action.

You will be able to dance to the rarest grooves with the original crew Jay Katz, Miss Death, guest DJ's and of course Go-Go action.

Put on your dancing shoes and get on down, for a 60's Go-Go frenzy.

Hermann's Bar , Cnr City Road and Butlin Avenue, University of Sydney
Door opens 9PM
Happy Hour from 9 to 10.30PM
Cost $10
Saturday 31st May

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Miss Deaths Knitting Group

Miss Deaths Knitting Group

Do you want to learn how to knit, crochet and any other craft? Or you just want to come along for a social? For the new ladies who are coming for the first time bring a friend.

Boys are welcome as long as they do a craft or something useful

Sunday 18th May
Mu-Meson Archives

Time 4pm
Cost Bring a plate

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BLACK METAL - a documentary

Black Metal was originally a term that described the music of Venom, so it is only fitting that Cronos, the great forefather of this style, speaks his mind.

Frightening attitudes clash as the truth is sought. Determine what is real and what is mere fabrication with the help of Gorgoroth, Immortal, Darkthrone, Celtic Frost, Gloomy Grim, King Diamond, Dark Funeral, Enslaved, Mortiis, and myriad others who have shaped the music.

Location Mu-Meson Archives, Crn Parramatta Rd & Trafalgar St, Annandale

Time Doors 7.30 for 8pm start

Cost $10 with supper

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UBER SYSTEM LIBERATED! @ Abercrombie in Sydney

UBER SYSTEM LIBERATED! will be one chokers party in Uber Lingua's history... If you've missed the past few, it's def worth considering. We should also mention that due to popular demand, we'll be doing another GYPSY

Since December 07 Uber Lingua has been hosting Saturday night parties at the Abercrombie... All except the last episode, the BALKAN & GYPSY BASH, have been celebrations of diversity called UBER SYSTEM parties... each growing in popularity and turnout... It's now time for another...

UBER SYSTEM LIBERATED! features LIVE performers Potato Master (Bris), Pataphysics (Melb), Gongbaby, atone & Gondwana alongside DJs Evrim (Turk), bP (Melb), Ritual (DnB), Man about town, Stu Buchanan, Mashy P, DJ Ability (turntablist), Ollo DJs, DubChaman plus DJ Spex vs MC Hernan... In house developed video material by Melbourne based VJ, Siadatz will also be screened.

Saturday May 24th : 8pm till very late : Abercrombie Hotel : 100 Broadway, Ultimo
$10 entry tickets on the door

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Internships at Art Gallery of NSW

The Art Gallery of NSW offers internships to tertiary students. Short-term, unpaid placements are available in the following areas – public programs/education, curatorial/collections, exhibitions, research library and archive, registration, conservation, marketing and work within the Brett Whiteley Studio and Art Gallery Society. Priority is given to students currently enrolled in museum studies, art history, visual arts, art education or art administration in NSW educational institutions.

Please contact the Tertiary Programs Co-coordinator at the Art Gallery of New South Wales at

Further information:

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PLATFORM 1 Hip Hop Festival in Sydney Graff - B-Boying - DJs - MCs

28th & 29th March – SYDNEY

B*Boys | B*Girls | MC's | DJ's | Graffiti Writers


Artistic Director: B Boy Rely

CarriageWorks, 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh | Nearest train: Redfern or Mcdonaldtown

Breaking Info:

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JOHN FOXX & LOUIS GORDON Australia Tour 2008

JOHN FOXX & LOUIS GORDON Australia Tour 2008

As founder and former front man of Ultravox! until 1979, and subsequently via his solo projects, John Foxx's work has helped pave the way for a generation of electronic musicians. His debut album, 1980's Metamatic, is today regarded of one of the most pioneering albums in electronic music and created a new wave blueprint for the likes of The Human League, Gary Numan, Duran Duran and, in more recent years, The Faint to follow. Metamatic hit a cultural vein again 20 years later when Ladytron, Adult, Tiga and co were drawn to its minimalist, analogue approach.


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