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Crop Circles in Wiltshire, UK as seen from the air

No matter what your beliefs are regarding how Crop Circles are created, they sure look spectacular from the air! Many thanks to the guys at Fast Helicopters [ ]for the opportunity to see these wonders from the air - if you're in the area, check these guys out for the best view in town. I didn't make "The Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group Annual Conference" at Alton Barnes, Wiltshire - perhaps next year. note: some pics have parts of the helicopter and reflections - for professional quality images, book, calendars and a spectacular DVD of the crop circles in UK check out the Steve Alexander collection [ ] Click on photo gallery in the menu above or visit to view the images

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piksel04 - FLOSS in motion : realtime video/audio conference

Piksel is a yearly event for artists and developers working with Free Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) for realtime processing of video and sound. It will take place at BEK - the Bergen Centre for Electronic Art, in Bergen, Norway from october 29. to november 7. 2004. An important part of piksel04 is a series of evening events of live art and audio-visual performance in cooperation with Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall ( Performing artists using open source software in the creation and presentation of their work are invited to apply. This call goes out to VJ-crews, live coders, typing divas, virtual actors, noise combos and FLOSS performers of all kinds. visit for details

Transigence 2004 - calls for submissions: interactive audio art has secured a series of exhibitions for interactive audio visual art and net art for later in the year. These venues include The Watershed Media Centre in Bristol and Dana Centre London. A cd is planned to be produced (subject to funding) representing audio visual art and media 1998-2004 so please send in your work. read more or visit for details

BananaRAM art festival

BananaRAM is an International Art Network committed to supporting the creation, presentation, discussion, preservation, promotion and distribution of art engaging new technologies in significant ways. The 2004 premise is exploring Mind Control and the need of sublimating the anxiety of the viewer through art. Reality in the visual world of today can be melt with images on screens and in our vision, art is the only way for the viewer to achieve self determination. Artists create beauty and irony for freedom

Glasgow's Triptych Festival extended to 5 days

Triptych continues to express Tennent's Lager's commitment to quality, innovation and challenging music. It has music at its core and continues to be the most diverse and intensely programmed music event in the country. For the first time Dr Robert Moog will be onstage with Jean Jacques Perrey, legends like Andre Williams, T-Model Ford and Dr Alimantado will all grace triptych stages, many appearing for the first time ever in the UK. visit for details

"Les Siestes Electroniques" Festival in France

"Les Siestes electroniques" is a festival devoted to adventurous electronic music with an ambitious program that opens itself to the general public. The free festival is held in Toulouse, France and features artists such as Funkstorung, Telefax and Dabrye. for more details

Visit Montreal for MUTEK Festival this June

From June 2nd to the 6th Montreal will transform into the quintessential electronic music immersive experience. With over 60 artists from close to a dozen countries, MUTEK returns for its 5th anniversary bearing something for everyone. Given the eleven different showcases, panel discussions, workshops, and a bagful of surprises, audiences will be able to enjoy all permutations of contemporary electronic music from morning to night. And this year being a landmark birthday for the festival, a handful of our past discoveries have returned to mark the occasion with some rare performances. Visit for more details or read more to find out about this year's lineup


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