Transigence 2004 - calls for submissions: interactive audio art


Soundtoys has secured a series of exhibitions for interactive audio
visual art and net art for later in the year. These venues include
The Watershed Media Centre in Bristol and Dana Centre London.

A cd is planned to be produced (subject to funding) representing
audio visual art and media 1998-2004 so please send in your work.

We are looking for contributions of audio visual interactive works,
net art, music and art software, generative music, interactive
environments, essays.

Work will be featured on the website and selected works made into
offline presentations at selected galleries.

We are seeking new work for the 2004 series of events and for the website.

1. Internet. New online audio visual experiences and interfaces.
Works for the website. Send in your latest "new audio visual
experience". We are interested audio visual work by artists using the
internet as a medium using internet friendly programming technologies
eg shockwave, flash, vrml, java etc. So send in via email.

2. Installations. If you make interactive installations send
in 400 words about the work and four images of the work. ie
responsive environments, soundspaces, new interfaces navigation
control, new displays.

3. Software. Artists and musicians software. This year we are
particularly interested in applications by artists who make their own

If you work in any of the areas above we would like to hear from
you. Either you could make something special or send in
previous work that would be featured on the site and at galleries.

Zip up your work and send all info about it.

Don't forget to include relevant your name, project title,
year created, brief bio, text info about the work, and also send the
work. Please send all of the work including the html files. If your
files are too big send in a cd-rom version.

Do not just send us a link and say check it out.

Application form online.

web and info.......