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True art and politics: print, photograph and send a picture with your favorite presidential candidate!

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ANALOGORAK: electronic textures and noise

ANALOGORAK with sounds by Neil Dowell, Mike McInerney, Michael Norris - Mondays, 9pm Kingsbridge Inn, Totnes, Devon, UK. expect to hear junk percussion, home-made thinggies, feedback and effects, and a collection of analog synths & the occasional shakuhachi. visit for full details

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Course in group interactive electroacoustic music

An interactive electroacoustic music course being held in London allows musicians to explore ways of working together to make live electroacoustic music. Working in small groups, the course participants create various systems in which live improvisation can take place. Issues such as gesture mapping, group control, sound spatialisation and instrument/ interface design are explored. The course uses a base of specialised Max/Msp programs, and an assortment of interfaces which can be customised during the course. Interfaces include the Icube, a blackboard sized touch sensitive screen. game controllers , keyboard, video. For further information about the course contact Thomas Gardner :">

Koha - open source library catalog system

Koha is the world's first free Open Source Library System. Made in New Zealand by the Horowhenua Library Trust and Katipo Communications Ltd, the Koha system is a full catalogue, opac, circulation, member management and acquisitions package. Koha is used by public libraries, private collectors, university faculties, not for profit organisations, churches, schools and corporates. visit for more information

Xperiment >L

Xperiment >L is a monthly series about women in electronic music live performances, film/video screenings, discussions & workshops. This months gathering is Friday 10 september, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands featuring AGF+SUE.C with electronic poetry & live video. AGF is in love with language, poetry, communicating impressions and experiences, and views our society of today in a philosophical but also a politically critical way. Her most recent project 'Westernization Completed' is a refined and fascinating mix of text (spoken and sung) and electronic music, giving you the feeling you're introduced to a highly personal, self-created universe. Sue Costabile in her turn likes to mix the organic with the synthetic, analogue techniques with digital processes. With these images projected on a large format, the monumental church space of Arminius might even be transformed for a while into this personal and very special universe of AGF+Sue C. The night is in cooperation with Arminius (opening of season) and the TRACER-festival of TENT. and Witte de With ( ) and

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AAG 2005 Meeting - Call For Papers: Geographies of Media

The Association of American Geographers are seeking papers that examine geographies of the various forms of media, including music, art, advertising, newspapers and magazines, video and animation etc. These sessions should include contributions to current issues surrounding these media, beginning with constructions of space, culture, society, and identity within textual realms. AAG are hoping to present a wide range of both topic and context and seek participants interested in the geographical implications - social, political, cultural, and economic - that are often contained within the spaces and places of different forms of media. These contexts invite inquiries into the production, distribution, exhibition, and consumption of all types of media and they encourage critical, pedagogical and discursive contributions. visit for details

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The "International Video Reporting Award" is an
international competition for short, innovative,
non-fiction, digital filmmaking. The films must be
helmed by a single person who is solely responsible for
content, direction, camera, sound and editing, and who
fully explores the creative dimensions of digital technology.

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Castaway Party in Bali Aug 16th,2004

This Years Castaway Party August 16th at GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana Park) in Bali. Having made a mark with the first Castaway, the Australian/Balinese partnership is now ready to take things to the next level. Tourist numbers are soaring once again, and the strong connection that exists between Australia and Bali is seeing a regular flow of visitors to the island - in fact April saw the highest number of visitors from Australia ever recorded.

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