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Beyond the "Dazzling Light"

Beyond the 'Dazzling Light': from dreams of transcendence to the 'remediation' of urban life. A Research Manifesto

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McKenzie Wark - Internet research

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Centre for Internet research

What is the Centre for Internet Research?

The Centre for Internet Research was established 18 September 2000 with the aim of encouraging research in the social and cultural implications and functions of the internet.

The Centre for Internet Research is located at the Department of Information and Media Studies, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

The Centre for Internet Research promotes its aim through the following activities within its field:


Experimenta is where creativity and technology meet.

Experimenta presents innovative exhibitions and events in new media arts, film, video, sound and performance.

Featuring the work of emerging and established artists, Experimenta screenings, installations and performances are held in cinemas, in galleries, online and in a variety of less conventional exhibition contexts.

Future Screen Mobile

FutureScreen Mobile investigates the potential of mobile phone devices and technologies as platforms for creation, distribution and presentation of screen based and new media art. Focusing on the development of skills and knowledge, FutureScreen Mobile consists of a series of workshops and master classes and a research component. Outcomes of all FutureScreen Mobile events and research will be presented on the dLux media arts website with the aim of establishing an invaluable knowledge base for artists interested in working in the mobile domain.

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dLux media arts collective

dLux media arts is one of Australia's leading and longest established screen and media arts organisations. Since its formation in 1980 as the Sydney Super8 Film Group and then as the Sydney Intermedia Network, dLux media arts has transformed in response to technological, aesthetic and cultural shifts in experimental screen, sound and interactive digital arts.

Code Art cdrom


CD-ROM // 2004

- shown at the Art Center nabi in Seoul

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