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Today I'm meant to be packing up my things as it's my last weekend in Auckland. One more week of work here then I'm on holidays for about 5 weeks - 10 days in Sydney (more packing!) then flying back to NZ to drive around the South Island.

I bought a few DVDs last year and haven't had a chance to watch them yet. This one's amazing - they're all having such fun. It's been around for a while and the film has played at many of the film festivals and there's been live gigs in Los Angeles.

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here's the trailer from the Mochilla website



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Combat Wombat

Combat Wombat are an outspoken troupe of hip hop punks mainly located in Melbourne. They've just released their second album "Unsound System". Armed with only samplers, mics and turntables, powered by solar energy and an uncompromising belief in Truth over Spin, these desert nomads are the real deal, creating an album that reflects the frontline activism they have become famous for. Unsound System is a bullet to the dark heart of the Australian psyche.

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COMBAT VS CURSE OV DIALECT - Friday 24th February

Outspoken hip-hop punks Combat Wombat join forces with the costume clad Curse Ov Dialect to bring you another night of fat beats and socially conscious rhymes at the Evelyn Hotel on Friday 24th February. Support comes from good friends MC Syphon and DJ Wasabi bringing the dark raps with the tight scratch, also known as Fortknight Productions. Raceles and Monkey Marc DJ in the breaks and entry is $12. Come early to watch the premiere screening of the Critical Mass 10th anniversary doco at 8:30pm. Combat Wombat's new release "Unsound System" is now available - visit www.combatwombat.org for more details

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open letter to hilltop hoods blog entry circling the net/blogosphere this week

not sure if you've seen this already, but I think it's important for 2 reasons..

1. because of the DRM issue and music protection some artists and music labels are introducing, and

2. because it came through via Boing Boing which is the Technorati "#1 ranked blog site". poular blogs are measured & given a technorati ranking based on "The biggest blogs in the blogosphere, as measured by unique links in the last six months." http://www.technorati.com/pop/blogs/

so, this entry just went out to thousands of other sites where other people are linking it and commenting on it - great way to get OZ hip hop out there.. perhaps some of the people out there will check out the bands/artists mentioned in the article. (as I like looking at stats, it'd be interesting to see if their website hits or sales adjusted partly due to this)

original blog entry @ http://intermaweb.net/2005/12/09/open-letter-hilltop-hoods/

Boing Boing blog entry:


Thursday, December 8, 2005

Fan to Hilltop Hoods: treating me like a thief is bad business

Popular Aussie hiphop Hilltop Hoods band released its first DVD, The Calling Live. Partway through the disk, the band breaks off to call its fans thieves, and to promise that future musical releases will have DRM to protect the band from its listeners. Pete, a big fan of the band, has written an open letter in response:

Anecdotally, if I hadn't downloaded Left Foot, Right Foot in 2001(?), it is quite possible that I would have never purchased it, or The Calling, or The Calling DVD. It's also unlikely that I would have purchased tickets to several Hilltop Hoods shows. The same goes for my sister, and the several friends for whom I've burned copies over the years. If I had not discovered the joys of the Hoods, I may not have sought out (and purchased) music by the likes of Layla, Drapht, Downsyde, Clandestein, Hunter, Fdel, Pegz, the Herd, Bliss n Eso, After Hours, Funkoars, Art of War, Bias B, Lazy Grey, Mnemonic Ascent, Reason, Plutonic Lab etc etc etc....

So Suffa, I absolutely reject your accusations of theft, and am hurt that you reject me as a fan. I thought you were cool, and that you understood. Now, I'm not so sure...

Hilltop Hoods respond to the letter @ http://intermaweb.net/2005/12/10/suffas-reply-open-letter-hilltop-hoods/ and sound very reasonable.

Personally, I like the creative commons form of licensing & the ability to remix/remux existing works but I don't make my living from my art/music so come from a different perspective to an artist who does.

I think that having the songs available for download helps people try before they buy. and if someone downloads it and doesn't like it they probably weren't one of your customers anyway so you didn't lose any money from it, but perhaps one of their friends will hear it and like it and buy it then you'll gain a customer.

DRM is an issue which more & more artists will be having to deal with in the future though, a tough one for sure.

reading notes "Where you're at" by Patrick Neate (notes from the frontline of a hip hop planet)

I've just finished reading "Where you're at - notes from the frontline of a hip hop planet" by Patrick Neate. I thought it was a great book - sometimes he went off on a few tangents, but they provided interesting background information on the context of the hip hop communities in the different cities covered in the book. I'm now re-reading/skimming through it to post up some notes on sections I found most thought provoking. Much of the underlying thread of the book is about the cultural misappropriation of hip hop.

from Part One: New York
page 30

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Auckland Hip Hop Summit - videos

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 The 2005 Auckland Hip Hop Summit was held 7-8th October at Auckland's Town Hall and Aotea Square. I caught a bit of the grafitti wall being painted on Saturday afternoon, and some of the "Disrupt the Floor" breakdancing heats. The finals and MC gigs were held Saturday night but unfortunately I couldn't attend. Congratulations to the Blackout crew for winning the competition - I heard it was a great battle between Step Kingz and Blackout. Check out some of the videos of the heats via the links below - be warned, some of the files are quite large!

Save the links and open in Real Player (Windows) to stream the videos instead of downloading. I'm trying out different file formats - some are are divX AVI and the others are DivX6. Any comments welcome on which format work best on your system..

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 09
Disrupt the Floor semi-finals
Time Bandits (Hamilton) (LHS) vs Blackout (The Mount) (RHS)
Blackout went through to the finals
(33Mb) (divx6 fomat) (00:07:29)

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 08
Disrupt the Floor breakdancing comp - Popping battle
Elijah (LHS) vs Big Spell (RHS)
(33Mb) (divx6 fomat) (00:07:01)

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 07
Disrupt the Floor breakdancing comp semi-finals
Step Kingz (Wellington) (LHS) vs Faith City Rockers (Auckland) (RHS)
Step Kingz go through to the finals
(175Mb) (avi format) (00:08:36)

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 06
Disrupt the Floor breakdancing heats
Time Bandits (foreground) vs Questionable tekneek (background)
(133Mb) (AVI format) (00:08:48)

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 05
Disrupt the Floor breakdancing heats
Blackout (foreground) vs Back Breakers (background)
(133Mb) (AVI format) (00:08:41)

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 04
Disrupt the Floor heats
Stepkingz (Wellington) (LHS) vs Faith City Rockers (Auckland) (RHS) (part 2)
(20Mb) (avi format) (00:00:53)

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 03
Disrupt the Floor heats
Stepkingz (Wellington) (LHS) vs Faith City Rockers (Auckland) (RHS) (part 1)
(23Mb) (avi format) (00:01:05)

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 02
the view in Aotea Square showing grafitti wall being painted - graf characters
(9.1Mb) (avi format) (00:00:34)

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 01
the view outside showing grafitti wall being painted by New Zealand artists
(2.3Mb) (avi format) (00:00:04)

or visit the source files via the links below:

Vibe One - street dance workshops

New Zealand street dance crew - workshops, classes. visit http://www.vibeone.co.nz for more details

New Zealand Music Commission

What is the NZMIC?

The New Zealand Music Commission is one of the Government funded arts agencies. The NZMIC is committed to growing New Zealand music business.

The NZMIC receives financial support through the Ministry for Culture and Heritage to undertake projects in New Zealand and overseas to assist contemporary popular NZ music businesses and help grow the NZ music industry. While not a funding agency, our resources are available to support musicians and industry professionals gain higher levels of success at home and abroad. We also receive funding from the Ministry of Education for delivering music programmes into schools.

Hip Hop Site - online store

online hip hop store. visit http://www.hiphopsite.com/ for more details

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