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Can A Sista Rock A Mic? festival

Can a sista rock a film? which is part of a week long music festival called can a sista rock a mic? has extended it's submission for shorts & films... Mini dv preferred, but will convert dvds to dvcam for broadcast. Your project will air on Comcast Channels 5 & 6 and Starpower Channels 10 & 11 in Washington, DC. during the month of June (every Thursday) while the week long festivals is happening and after. So get your works in! This is a great chance to have your project broadcast on cable television. No submission fees at all. It's free. More details on the whole "Can A Sista Rock A Mic? week long festival next week at http://www.bgirlmanifesto.com

The Breaks - the RAP sample FAQ

the RAP sample FAQ

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Hip Hop archive

The Hiphop Archive was officially established in 2002 under the direction of Marcyliena Morgan. Since the early 1970s, Hiphop has become the most influential artistic, educational and social movement for youth and young adults. From The Hiphop Archive

MC Sabre "Defence Vs Aggression"

Sabre is a devoted MC from Brisbane Australia. He is a committed freestyle MC as well as an experienced lyricist whenever it comes to his written material. Sabre has been heavily involved in the underground Brisbane Hip Hop movement for over a decade. After collaborating & compromising with other artists in the past Sabre has chosen to follow a solo career. This, his debut EP titled "Defence Vs Aggression" proves his confidence in his own lyrical ability by not calling in any guest MC's for the project. Production & cuts are supplied by DJ KODE RED (Brisbane 2003 ITF Champion), KAUTION & ALAN ROCK. Throughout "Defence Vs Aggression" Sabre runs through various styles with ease, displaying a wide variety of skills, touching on a range of topics including deep and personal tracks like "Dedicated", party-vibe tracks such as "Let's Get Started", and cut-throat in your face tracks such as "Enough Is Enough" and "You Don't Wanna". Read more or email info@shogundist.com for more information

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Butter Beats

Butter Beats is a hip hop store in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley visit http://www.oneeightthree.com for more details

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Stealth Magazine

Stealth Magazine is a quality hip hop magazine focussing on Australian and international hip hop artists and culture. There is an active forum plus interviews with Australian and International hip hop artists & bands on http://www.stealthmag.com

DMC - It's turntablism time of year again

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Chats with NSW DJs and judges on this years battle

NSW DMC Solo Competition Finals + Interviews with DJ Nino Brown, DJ Subway, DJ Centrix
Saturday July 13th, 2002
Metro Theatre, Sydney

Turntablists are an interesting breed of DJ. They are not like the usual club/dance party/rave DJ who are known for seamlessly mixing one record into the next to create a piece of music which lasts the length of the night and keeps people dancing from go to woe. Turntablists have a few extra tricks up their sleeves which set them apart from the rest. People often crowd around to gaze and amaze at what they are doing. Their hands fly over the mixer and records as they pause now and then to touch the platter or adjust the pitch to create those recognisable percussive sounds whilst scratching, beat juggling and performing technical moves. These guys & gals use the turntable as their instrument. New songs are created on the fly from the conglomeration of beats, riffs, and vocal samples of the records they are cutting between. The resulting piece of music often has a theme, tells a story, or disses other DJs in the process (albeit ususally in jest these days).

Battle of the Year Australia 2003 breakdancing finals

BATTLE OF THE YEAR AUSTRALIA is pleased to announce the addition of a SECOND breakdance tournament, to be held at the BOTY AUST event on August 9. With the addition of the new 1 on 1 competition to the day's schedule, the event will now clock in at 7 hours of intense breakdance competition, guest international demos and performances by Aussie Hip hop and Funk artists. Up to 4000 spectators of all ages are expected to attend the Battle Of The Year Australia event, which will be held at the State Sports Centre in Sydney.

[brisbane] Onioncak + Miss Brown + DCE @ press club : sunday 13th july

this sunday 13th july
the press club
from 8:00pm
feat. Miss Brown & DCE

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Ladies First, female hip hop night @ Bar Broadway, Sydney, 15/05/2003

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Photos taken at Ladies First, female hip hop night @ Bar Broadway, Sydney, 15/05/2003

event listing from inthemix.com.au


The women of hip hop will take center stage at Bar Broadway on Thursday 15th May at Ladies First , a night dedicated to showcasing and paying well deserved respect to some of this countries leading ladies of hip hop.

The night kicks off with a screening of 'All the Ladies', a 25-minute documentary by Colleen Hughson and Mary Quinscara (AKA MC Q), about women in Australian hip hop.

review : Scratch World Tour 2002

The Scratch DJ Tour hit Sydney with the arrival of hip hop legends Q-Bert, Jazzy Jay and J-Rocc. All these guys have been major influences in the hip hop community and are revered by up & coming and established turntablists/hip hop producers alike.

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