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Astronomy Class 'Exit Class' launch @ Hermann's / Syd Uni (Sydney)

Up the road at Sydney University at Hermann's is the Astronomy Class launch. Ass Class is one of Sir Robbo's children and sees him collaborating with Chasm and Ozi Batla to deliver summery reggae influenced hip hop. Exit Strategy is a top album and it will be good to check it done live. $15+bf - http://www.astronomyclass.com.au/ for more details
(via Cryo/Cyclic maillist)

DANCEKOOL VOL.17 (sydney)

Saturday 18 Nov 2006

@ City Dance Centre (Sydney City Class studio)


3:00pm start, 2:00pm comp registration start, 9:00pm finish

Please send your name at mail@dancekool.com to book your advanced price ticket for Dancekool vol.17 at $12.

3 on 3 Bboying Battle:

* Prize: $600 cash + sponsor prize
* Judges:
* Bboy Lamaroc (from Fresh Sox, Zulu Kings)
* Bboy Jeremy (from Ozbboy/Skill@Will)
* + one more TBC

2 on 2 Hip Hop Battle:

* Prize: $400 cash + sponsor prize
* Judges:
* Mel (from Caramell)
* Yosuke (from Nu Skool Club)
* Tsuyoshi (from Sound Busters)

1 on 1 Popping Battle:

* Prize: $200 cash + sponsor prize
* Judges:
* Acha (from original Natural High)
* Boogalama (from Fresh Sox, Zulu Kings)
* Nacho Pop (from Fresh Sox, Zulu Kings, $7 Crew)

Dance Showcase:

* Tsuyoshi & Nao
* Nu Skool Club
* Sakura
* Spookey
* Baby Lotion
* Final Reductions
* + more TBC

Dancekool Students Showcase:

* Nao's Hip Hop
* Eri's Girls Hip Hop
* Kenky's Popping & Locking
* Akio's Hip Hop
* + more TBC

The Optimen @ Arena (Brisbane) - video 01

Click here or on the image to watch the video

part of The Optimen's set @ Arena in Brisbane, Australia, 23/09/2006

I was a bit close to the speakers so the audio is a touch distorted so pls forgive the sound quality

Click here or on the image to watch the video

part of The Optimen's set @ Arena in Brisbane, Australia, 23/09/2006

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This is Not Art & Electrofringe festivals 2003 - video

slideshow video of photos taken during the 2003 This is Not Art and Electrofringe festivals in Newcastle, Australia 01-06 October 2003

http://www.thisisnotart.org has info about this year's festival

http://www.massarcade.com/electrofringe has the 2003 electrofringe website - you can find the program on this site

http://flickr.com/photos/aliak_com/tags/tina2003/ has photos of the event

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Battle of the Year Australia 2003 - breakdancing finals video

a slideshow video of Battle of the Year Australia 2003 breakdancing finals held in Sydney 09/09/2003 at the State Sports Centre at Homebush Bay.

photos @ http://flickr.com/photos/aliak_com/tags/boty2003/

music is "Step Back Child" from five piece funk outfit, CROPPER from the Battle Of The Year BBoy Beats N breaks Annual 2003 CD.

http://www.aliak.com/node/206 & http://www.aliak.com/node/168 have info about the event

http://blip.tv/file/71287 has a video of the Wikid Force breakers performance.

Wickid Force breakers @ BOTY 2003, Sydney - video

this is a video of the Wickid Force breakdance crew at Battle of The Year 2003 in Sydney, Australia. 09/08/2003

the audio is a bit distorted so you might want to turn it down, but it gives you an idea of the energy of their performance - both style and technical moves!

the video file is about 100Mb so could take a while to load depending on your net connection

I found a video of Wickid Force's performance at BOTY2003 Germany on youtube also @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrPRafzxye8

http://flickr.com/photos/aliak_com/tags/wikidforce/ has some photos from BOTY2000 in Hannover, Germany.

other photos of Battle of the Year are at :

BOTY2000 Germany

BOTY 2002 Sydney

BOTY 2003 Sydney

Style High Club @ zine fair TINA 2005 Newcastle, Australia

the Style High Club performing at 2005 This is Not Art festival in Newcastle, Australia. I thought these guys were great. really nice sounds. perfect for an afternoon in the sun wandering through markets and relaxing after the festival. a nice aussie hip hop band with members from Adelaide & Melbourne

http://www.myspace.com/stylehighclub is their myspace page

apparently their first album Creativity Department is available nationwide through Obese distribution (in Australia).

the audio is a little distorted on the video, the live performance sounded great though!

Snarl Heavy Industries - Sub Bass Snarl online

Snarl Heavy Industries is the home of music artists sub bass snarl, club night frigid, & cyclic defrost magazine.

Sadly frigid has closed it's doors forever, after being one of Sydney's most eclectic and long-running electronic music & hip hop clubs.

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QBert Scratch Tour, Sydney, 19/12/2002 - chat with Mathmatics

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an audio recording of a chat with DJ Mathmatics @ QBert Scratch Tour, Sydney, 19/12/2002

Mathmatics @ q-bert scratch tour, sydney

click on the image to goto the video player page

click here to download the audio file>
an audio recording of a chat with Mathematics @ QBert Scratch Tour, Sydney, 19/12/2002

keepintime documentary & performance

Today I'm meant to be packing up my things as it's my last weekend in Auckland. One more week of work here then I'm on holidays for about 5 weeks - 10 days in Sydney (more packing!) then flying back to NZ to drive around the South Island.

I bought a few DVDs last year and haven't had a chance to watch them yet. This one's amazing - they're all having such fun. It's been around for a while and the film has played at many of the film festivals and there's been live gigs in Los Angeles.

Buy a copy!!


here's the trailer from the Mochilla website



click on the image to goto the video player page


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