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I need to make a drupal module to store / manage my video files - fields such as :
project used in
file path
movie format
archive location
backup drive
backup path

+ more as I think of them

attached is a text version - there's some missing as I had to delete some files from my backup drive to save space. so they'll need to be added once I find the box the dvd is stored in back in sydney (whenever that may be!) some have been lost as a backup drive I used in Auckland has broken :(

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mimi on the beach

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video page on blip.tv

zoom'n'fx from kath.

mimi on the beach

the music is an excerpt of the song 'mimi on the beach' by jane siberry (now known as issa) http://www.issalight.com

the footage is taken at bethells beach west of auckland, new zealand in early 2007

made in isadora and inspired by Will from Taylor Street Studio's work - I'm running some tests to see if I can work out how to do some of the effects he does as I love his work - it's so beautiful! http://www.taylorstreetstudio.com


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got love?

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some questions from the streets of jerusalem


music is "base for alec" by Yello from the "Yello 19080-1985 The New Mix In One Go" album

blip post @ http://blip.tv/file/623494
mpeg4 video @ http://blip.tv/file/get/AliaK-gotLove452.mp4

made using isadora

this video is made from 2 separate videos. one is grafitti on the wall of an abandoned building - most of it is in English so I think it's messages for the tourists. the other is a message on a wall nearby. the second video is combined with the first and tiled into small blocks over the pattern of the first wall's video content ie the writing on the building. the message on the wall is overlayed on top of the tiled / glitch video and moves around the screen according to the position of the underlying video. so it has some interactivity to it. it's recorded in real-time. each time I run it, it creates a different output.

got love? patch attached to blog post @ http://www.aliak.com/node/14273

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Will Jewell - directors talk after South Coast shown at British Film Festival in Jerusalem

Watch the videosorry about the audio quality - this is recorded on my phone camera. I recorded video but the zoom/quality is pretty bad so I just extracted the audio.

blue (play) list 20080120

I love music by bluetech and have been listening to it a lot whilst in Israel having bought a few of his cds from the music stores here and ripped them to my laptop. his music is available on aleph - zero label and he's remixed other great artists such as Shulman & Pitch Black.

his website says "my name is evan. i make sounds. rivers of music ancient & delicate flow through me.". he has 3 myspace pages for the different artist names he uses : bluetech, evan bartholomew, evan marc

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reading samples

I have so many ebooks to read it's hard to know which one to read. sometimes having too much choice is a bad thing. it was so much simpler when I had one thing to do at a time ...

"And then, Mog-ur used the power of his great brain."

"All those primitive people, with almost no frontal lobes, and speech limited by undeveloped vocal organs, but with huge brains -- larger than any race of man then living or future generations yet unborn -- were unique. They were the culmination of a branch of mankind whose brain was developed in the back of their heads, in the occipital and the parietal regions that control vision and bodily sensation and store memory."

"And their memory made them extraordinary. In them, the unconscious knowledge of ancestral behavior called instinct had evolved. Stored in the back of their large brains were not just their own memories, but the memories of their forebears. They could recall knowledge learned by their ancestors and, under special circumstances, they could go a step beyond. They could recall their racial memory, their own evolution. And when they reached back far enough, they could merge that memory that was identical for all and join their minds, telepathically."

-- clan of the cave bear - jean m auel


{Kappa-Epsilon-Phi-Alpha-Lambda-Eta Lambda}


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multiprojector test01 (semanal08week3)

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multiprojector test01 - testing different methods of combining video in a single screen. this is using multiple projectors in isadora. some effects, some interactivity as the videos control each other's position

the music is by Nitin Sawhney - "acquired dreams" from the Prophesy album

made in isadora - multiprojector patch attached

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the human mind - get smart documentary

I'm watching a BBC Prime documentary called "The Human Mind : Get Smart". there's been a few interesting points raised :

1. omega 3 to improve your mind, memory and concentration. they did some tests on school kids having problems learning, and the kids improved their concentration and school marks after taking omega 3 tablets. apparently it helps set up connections within the brain. a type of real 'smart drug'?

2. visualisation - visualising a task repeatedly prior to performing it physically. sports people use this technique when learning new moves, skills. the example was a gymnast learning a new move on the parallel bars

3. associating visual images with a walk around a city, or through your house to help improve your memory. eg remembering cards in a deck of cards. the man walked the same path around London and took note of different landmarks. then for each card he has allocated an icon / picture, eg a cat, or a saw or a hose etc. then as the cards come out of the deck, he matches the icon / picture with the landmark in the order he saw them as he walked. after practicing this, he trained his mind to remember the cards quickly.

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remuxed (semanal08week2)

blip post @ http://blip.tv/file/603528

quicktime video version @ http://blip.tv/file/get/AliaK-remuxed963.mov

flash video version @ http://blip.tv/file/get/AliaK-remuxed963.flv

blog post @ http://www.aliak.com/node/14266

trying 3d video in isadora. I was describing a dream to a friend where I used to see planes of different worlds. testing how I could make a video to remember / simulate the dream. it hasn't quite worked out properly yet though!

just a mixture of past and recent videos and trying out some 3d video in Isadora. the videos are snippets from 4 countries. the spinning video is interacting with the other videos - changing speed in proportion to them playing out. Isadora seems suited more for live video - I still haven't worked out a high quality save option. it creates these in real time - I'm changing the video source on the fly. my computer doesn't let me save audio out either (in isadora) so I have to record it and then add back to the saved video. I need to get this working better also - there must be a step I'm missing.


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clappity clap at heathrow express

Watch the video

blip video @ http://aliak.blip.tv/file/596636

mpeg4 video version @ http://blip.tv/file/get/AliaK-clappityClapAtHeathrowExpress290.mp4

flash video version @ http://blip.tv/file/get/AliaK-clappityClapAtHeathrowExpress290.flv

blog post @ http://www.aliak.com/node/14264

I liked the sound my suitcase was making whilst walking to the heathrow express train platform after arriving back in the UK on new years day. the audio's not as clear as it was in person. perhaps it was my hearing after sitting in the plane hearing flight noise masking most sounds that I noticed it.

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cyclone building

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blip post @ http://blip.tv/file/599206

quicktime video version : http://blip.tv/file/get/AliaK-cycloneBuilding684.mov

blog post @ http://www.aliak.com/node/14265

over Christmas a cyclone was building off the shore of Qld. it made for the coolest temperature wise Christmas in many years (at least whilst I've been there). the trees are in Mum's backyard

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Semanal project - create & post a video once a week in 2008

Last November I took part in NaVloPoMo - videoblog posting month. it was a lot of fun and was a good way to remember to do something creative in between working. I know a lot of people can't help but be creative all the time, but I find sometimes I get so tired from work that I become passive and tend to watch more than do. so this was a good reminder to get into the habit.

in 2008, Semanal is happening - similar to NaVloPoMo but posting one video a week instead of one each day. this is much more manageable for me at least as I can usually make one on the weekend. the hardest part then becomes finding time to watch everyone else's videos!

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southbank, brisbane - mobile video post test

Watch the video

a mobile video post. I took the video the other day whilst at Southbank in Brisbane. emailed it to my blip.tv email account (aliak. pwd @ mobile.blip.tv). it automatically posts on blip.tv and is posted to by blog. which then sends it to my rss / xml feed & facebook etc. currently I need to approve / edit the post on the blog site, but I might setup a workflow to make that automatic also. though with the N95, I can do this from the phone now also too!

very cool!
not new.. but since I've only just got the N95, it's new to me. I'd tried it ages ago with my palm pilot but it was too slow and the apps didn't integrate as well + there was no video in that attempt. so this is working much better..

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20071207 Bethlehem 01 - driving into Bethlehem

20071207 Bethlehem 01 - driving into Bethlehem - the guide is talking about peace, jerusalem stone exports / work and tourism

original movie @ http://blip.tv/file/545338
blog post @ http://www.aliak.com/node/14253

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a walk around Yesilyurt this afternoon. perhaps it's because it's winter, but it looks a little run down - the colours on the buildings seem duller than they once have been, and the waterfront in this area is a little dreary. the local shops are ok though - there's a few nice looking cafes. many cake & sweets stores!


original video @ http://blip.tv/file/530841
blog post @ http://www.aliak.com/node/14251

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