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blue (play) list 20080120

I love music by bluetech and have been listening to it a lot whilst in Israel having bought a few of his cds from the music stores here and ripped them to my laptop. his music is available on aleph - zero label and he's remixed other great artists such as Shulman & Pitch Black.

his website says "my name is evan. i make sounds. rivers of music ancient & delicate flow through me.". he has 3 myspace pages for the different artist names he uses : bluetech, evan bartholomew, evan marc

whilst searching for bluetech songs in my itunes I realised I have a few 'blue' songs. blue playlist. some have blue in the filename if not listed here


Acid Blues
Moving Shadow 99.1 (Disc 1)

Blue Tech
Sines And Singularities

All Over The World
Big Bud
Late Night Blues

Almost Blue
Everything But The Girl
Like The Deserts Miss the Rain

Ape To Angel [Bluetech's Evolution Remix] / Pitch Black
Blue Tech
Sines And Singularities

Big Bud
Late Night Blues

Bigger Stronger
The Blue Room&compilation

Blade Runner Blues
Blade Runner

Blue American
Black Market Music

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