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NaVloPoMo 04 : day #4 Tisha B'av Lumiere - Western Wall, Old City of Jerusalem

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NaVloPoMo day # 4 : Tisha B'av Lumiere - Western Wall, Old City of Jerusalem


this is my Lumiere video (in the tradition of Lumiere videoblogs @ http://videoblogging.info/lumiere/) taken on the night before Tisha B'av at the Western Wall, Old City of Jerusalem, Israel. 23/07/2007. the Jewish people file into the Western Wall and pray. we were there from around 8pm (just before sunset) to around 10pm. there were still many people entering the area - apparently it goes on most of the night and fills up pretty quickly and the people overflow into the outer area and await their turn to pray at the wall. the praying sounded good when they were all in unison. the following day 24/07 is the special day - Tisha B'av. the people have to fast - they're not allowed water or food. remember this is the middle of summer in Israel, so it's pretty hot. I wonder if there's problems on this day when people can't drink water. leading up to this day, the men are not allowed to shave either, or eat meat. some of the guys at work call it the 'scruffy period' as the men's beards grow uncontrolled! the video was shot from the outer area - the wall in the background is the Western Wall - the last remaining section of the temple that was destroyed (though apparently recently they have uncovered new areas in the tunnels underneath)

Lumiere rules :
- 60 seconds max
- Fixed camera
- No audio
- No zoom
- No edit
- No effects

(re Fixed camera requirement - I don't have a tripod so it's a little shaky, but closest I could get to Fixed camera (no zoom))

(some info) : Tisha B'av (24/07/2007) a Jewish day of fasting in remembrance of the destruction of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem in 586 B.C. and the start of the long Jewish exile, as well as the destruction of the second temple more than six centuries later (begins at sundown the night before).

http://www.virtualjerusalem.com/jewish_holidays/3weeks/ has some more info on Tisha B'av and other Jewish religious holidays

and a flickr slideshow of the photos


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November is NaVloPoMo - National VideoBlog Posting Month

November is Movember, but it's also NaVloPoMo National Video Blog Posting Month & NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month - the former means you have to post a video each day of the month and the latter means you post a blog entry each day. there's other projects such as National Novel Writing Month where you write a section of a book each day. I'm trying NaVloPoMo, which inherantly means I'm also doing NaBloPoMo. be interesting to see if I make it to the end of the month. I'm not sure how long it takes to form a habit - 21 days? 42 days? I'd love to see some friends do this also!!

http://nablopomo.ning.com/group/videobloggers/forum to watch the videos / posts.

(I guess the National means USA? not sure.. there's people around the world doing it anyway so perhaps it should be InVloPoMo to reflect the International nature of it)

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Not So Pretty @ Hope and Anchor, Islington, London - 3 of 3 (photo slideshow)

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Not So Pretty @ Hope and Anchor, Islington, London - 3 of 3

the song is Dunno - from their myspace page. they played this song as part of their set. this is a photo slideshow using photos taken during their set. apologies - some are blurry as the guys move around a lot during their set!

www.myspace.com/notsopretty22 - not so pretty myspace page

www.birth.co.uk - birth records

joseph macwam @ Hope and Anchor, Islington, London

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joseph macwam @ Hope and Anchor, Islington, London, 27/10/2007

Not So Pretty @ Hope and Anchor, Islington, London - 1 of 3

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Not So Pretty played @ Hope and Anchor, Islington, London 27/10/2007 - 1 of 3

I liked their sound, and thought they had a great look for performing. I was standing a bit close to the speakers so the audio is a bit distorted in the video. it sounded good on the night though.


http://www.birth.uk.com - birth records

Not So Pretty played @ Hope and Anchor, Islington, London 27/10/2007 - 2 of 3

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Not So Pretty played @ Hope and Anchor, Islington, London 27/10/2007 - 2 of 3

I liked their sound, and thought they had a great look for performing. I was standing a bit close to the speakers so the audio is a bit distorted in the video. it sounded good on the night though.


http://www.birth.uk.com - birth records

NaVloPoMo 03 - day #3 nature vs city

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this is my NaVloPoMo 03 video - my PKD interpretation of nature vs city. I took the video last weekend (27/10) though I made the video tonight. I was staying in Eastleigh in South of England, and caught the train up to London to see my friend's band play in Islington.

it runs 5:26 (including titles at the end) - 20.7Mb

music is Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force mix) on ZEN RMX (ninjatune)

I made it using Isadora - the patch is here

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NaVloPoMo 02 - day #2 back to Israel

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navlopomo07 02 video - today I was picked up from Eastleigh and driven to the airport & flew from heathrow, UK to tel aviv, Israel. the driver picked me up and brought me to Jerusalem. so this video shows some of the countryside (rocky hills) and jerusalem stone buildings along the drive. we went a back road past Modi'in rather than the main highway through the mountains as the traffic was heavy alog the main highway. the last part of the trip is one of the routes I take home each day, although it's usually dark by then.

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NaVloPoMo 01 - day #1 NaVloPoMo07 begins & response to Cheryl

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NaVloPoMo07 01 post on 01/11/2007

I'm attempting to participate in NaVloPoMo07 this month by posting a video each day. my response to Cheryl's first post, which was timely considering it's Movember


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ben yehuda st blocked off

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the other night I got out of the taxi at the top of Ben Yehuda st and heard a loud BANG! then sirens started. I walked down the street to find that the main section of the mall had been blocked off. the police had just blown something up - maybe a tourist had left a bag unattended. the police man behind the truck was rolling up the wires and another walked back up the street. then it was all over. the street was only blocked off for about 10 mins. I walked down the street and took a look from the side - 2 mins later you would never have known it'd been blocked off. people were walking around again. there's so much security in Jerusalem - it feels really safe. ...

This video was originally shared on blip.tv by AliaK with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

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Jerusalem harp player in Ben Yehuda St

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this lady plays the harp every night during the work week. beautiful sounds. I didn't get good footage of her as I don't like taking photos of people too closely, but it's enough to get the idea. still playing with recording audio along with photos. I like it - it lets me imagine the what's happening within the scene using the sounds as a guide. the video tells more of the actual story even though it only captures part of the information. 08/10/2007, Ben Yehuda St Mall, Jerusalem, Israel

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scientists find the dawn of creativity date is possibly earlier than originally thought

I came across a couple of interesting articles in the UK Telegraph paper today - about the history of art and discovery of 11000 year old paintings that seem to be painted in a modern geometric style.

'Oldest' wall painting looks like modern art
"French archaeologists have discovered an 11,000-year-old work of art in northern Syria which is the oldest known wall painting, even though it looks like a work by a modernist.

The two square-metre painting, in red, black and white, was found at the Neolithic settlement of Djade al-Mughara on the Euphrates, northeast of the city of Aleppo.

"It looks like a modernist painting," said Eric Coqueugniot, the team leader. "Some of those who saw it have likened it to work by (Paul) Klee. Through carbon dating we established it is from around 9,000 BC."


The dating makes the designs at least 1500 years older than wall paintings at Çatalhöyük, the famous 9500-year-old Turkish village, among one of the first towns. Cave art dates back much further but it was not until the so-called Neolithic Revolution that people began marking up human-made surfaces.

Scientists are fascinated by the birth of art because it marked a decisive point in our story, when man took a critical step beyond the limitations of his hairy ancestors and began to use symbols. The modern mind was born."

related articles :

The birth of our modern minds ...

Two pieces of ochre engraved with geometrical patterns more than 70,000 years ago, were recently found at Blombos Cave, 180 miles east of Cape Town. If the current dogma is accepted, this means people were able to think abstractly and behave as modern humans much earlier than previously thought.

Lord Renfrew would argue that art, like genetics, does not tell the whole story of our origins. For him, the real revolution occurred 10,000 years ago with the first permanent villages. That is when the effects of new software kicked in, allowing our ancestors to work together in a more settled way. That is when plants and animals were domesticated and agriculture born.


Lord Renfrew puts his faith in "cognitive archaeology". This is not "thinking prehistoric thoughts" but has a more modest aim of revealing how ancient minds worked by studying what they did - how they counted, made flint tools or used measures.

Intriguingly, he argues, in his book Figuring it Out, that contemporary art also provides insights into how proto-societies grappled with the material world.

Cave find dates dawn of creativity

TWO pieces of ochre - a form of iron ore - engraved with geometrical patterns more than 70,000 years ago reveal that people were able to think abstractly and behave as modern humans much earlier than previously thought.

The discovery in a South African cave suggests that humans have created art for twice as long as suggested by previous discoveries, notably by cave paintings from France that have been dated to less than 35,000 years ago.


While genetic and fossil evidence suggests that humans were anatomically modern in Africa before 100,000 years ago, scholars are not yet able to agree on whether human behaviour and physique developed in tandem.

Some believe that modern behaviour arose relatively late and rapidly, 40,000 to 50,000 years ago, while others believe that it evolved earlier and more gradually.

The diversity of views reflects the lack of agreement among scientists on what behaviour best defines the difference between modern humans and their earlier ancestors.

But there is a general consensus that a clear marker of modern behaviour are the cognitive abilities that would be used, for example, to create abstract or depictional images.

"Archaeological evidence of abstract or depictional images indicates modern behaviour," Prof Henshilwood said. "The Blombos Cave engravings are intentional images."

Stone Age masterpieces shed new light on the origins of art

EUROPE'S oldest cave paintings - a menagerie of lions, rhinos, bears and panthers drawn at least 30,000 years ago - are so sophisticated that they may force scientists to think again about the origins of art.

New radiocarbon datings of the Chauvet cavern paintings in Ardeche, France, have confirmed that their Stone Age creators were as skilled as painters 15,000 years later.


"Prehistorians, who have traditionally interpreted the evolution of prehistoric art as a steady progression from simple to more complex representations, may have to reconsider existing theories of the origins of art."

The caves have challenged the conventional theory of the evolution of art which states that it had crude beginnings in the Aurignacian period followed by gradual progress over thousands of years.

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nettime archive finds : DJ Spooky interview by Erik Davis+ new science & new minds thoughts

whilst looking for the original posting and thread of Erik Davis' nettime-l posting on "Philip K. Dick's Divine Interference", I came across an interview by Erik with DJ Spooky from 2003. the closest I came to the PKD post was a later reply to the thread - I can't seem to find the original post though. maybe it had a different title. anyway, the DJ Spooky article is interesting - he speaks about some of his projects, the artist's relationship to working whilst on psychedelics (& how he doesn't do this), the culture he grew up with, his multi-faceted collection of projects : music and DJing, sound art, installation, sculpture, painting, video remixing and the mixology of images, but he mostly identifies as being a writer. he also speaks about his style of writing, creative commons, artificial scarcity amongst other things.


Erik Davis : "You first got on the map doing music and DJing. You've done sound
art, installation, sculpture, painting. You've been working lately
with video remixing and getting into the mixology of images. But in
many ways you still define yourself primarily as a writer. Why is it
important for you to stay tied to the world of writing?"

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Vast Active Living Intelligence System (VALIS) - reading notes

I'm having to look up almost every second word to decipher VALIS, the book for the next few week's PKD course. so, some reading notes & research below ...

VALIS - by Philip K Dick

preface of the book
VALIS (acronym of Vast Active Living Intel-
ligence System, from an American film): A
perturbation in the reality field in which a
spontaneous self-monitoring negentropic vortex
is formed, tending progressively to subsume
and incorporate its environment into arrange-
ments of information. Characterized by quasi-
consciousness, purpose, intelligence, growth
and an armillary coherence.
-Great Soviet Dictionary
Sixth Edition, 1992




There is a line in the I Ching reading, "Always ill but never dies." (pg 10)



"Philip K. Dick’s Divine Interference." by Erik Davis



The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick by R. Crumb


nous, or noos (Greek philosophy)

Adherents.com: Religious Groups in Literature
Platonism California: Oakland 1971 Dick, Philip K. Valis. New York: Bantam (1981); pg. 17.

"Yet, in all fairness, I have to admit that God--or someone calling himself God, a distinction of mere semantics--had fired precious information at Horselover Fat's head by which their son Christopher's life had been saved. Some people God cures and some he slays. Fat denies that God slays anyone. Fat says, God never harms anyone. Illness, pain and undeserved suffering arise not from God but from elsewhere, to which I say, How did this elsewhere arise? Are there two gods? Or is part of the universe out from under God's control? Fat used to quote Plato. In Plato's cosmology, noos or Mind is persuading ananke or blind necessity--or blind chance, according to some experts--into submission. Noos happened to come along and to its surprise discovered blind chance: chaos, in other words, onto which noos imposes order (although how this 'persuading' is done Plato nowhere says.) " [Also pg. 32, 220.]

week 5 VALIS


Philip K. Dick's Divine Interference - by Erik Davis (originally posted on nettime)

In the excepts of the Exegesis reworked into the "Tractates Crytptica Scriptura" that close the novel VALIS, Dick expresses the MIT computer scientist Edward Fredkin's view that the universe is composed of information. The world we experience is a hologram, "a hypostasis of information" that we, as nodes in the true Mind, process. "We hypostasize information into objects. Rearrangement of objects is change in the content of information. This is the language we have lost the ability to read."[4] With this Adamic code scrambled, both ourselves and the world as we know it are "occluded," cut off from the brimming "Matrix" of cosmic information. Instead, we are under the sway of the "Black Iron Prison," Dick's terms for the demiurgic worldly forces of political tyranny and oppressive social control. Rome is the eternal paragon of this "Empire," whose archetypal lineaments the feverish Dick recognized in the Nixon administration.

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