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Why Johnny Can't Program audio lecture - week one

mind map (so far) of week 1 of Technologies of Persuasion online course.

Why Johnny Can't Program audio lecture - mind map notes. most of these notes are what the speaker, Douglas Rushkoff mentioned in the lecture - I've paraphrased some of it whilst taking notes.

files attached. remove the .txt from .html.txt files (drupal upload seems to be adding the .txt)

one of the other class members, monster (Caroline Jack) has transcribed the audio lecture!, so this would be a more complete / accurate account of it.

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XML course notes

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TED Blog - Kevin Kelly - mind map summary of his video lecture

here's a freemind mindmap summary (exported to xhtml using javascript) I made after watching the TED Talks Kevin Kelly presentation.

attached is the TED_Talks_Kevin_Kelley.mm file.

click on Expand or Collapse links (above) to navigate the sections

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Watch the video @ http://tedblog.typepad.com/tedblog

Wired Editor-at-Large Kevin Kelly on TEDTalks

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videoblog mind map

There's been lots of discussion on the vlogtheory yahoogroups list about videoblogging - debates over content, medium etc. I've done up a quick mind map (using sourceforge freemind) to try to collect my thoughts. it may not be completely in line with the ideas of the group, but could be useful as a starting point to capture thoughts, for me at least. I haven't included everything yet, but it's a start.

current version :
( see http://www.aliak.com/files/videoblog_v02.mm attached )

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or below is a screenshot of the mm/pdf file.

if you cannot read the text in the image, try opening the larger version @ http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=96141734&size=o


click 'read more' for initial version & previous versions:

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Tactical media in Brazil summary mind map

a summary of the Sarai Reader 04 paper called "The Revenge of Lowtech : Autolabs, Telecentros and Tactical Media in Sao Paulo" by Ricardo Rosas.

the freemind mind map tactical_media_in_Brazil.mm is attached - this contains html links or expand / collapse the xhtml version below

http://www.sarai.net/publications/readers/ is the new Sarai Reader link - they've changed their website and all the links have changed

http://www.sarai.net/publications/readers/04-crisis-media/55ricardo.pdf is the new link for the article

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electrofringe / tina 2005 - mind map + photos

I've finally gone through the bag I brought back from electrofringe / this is not art 2005. haven't had time to write it up, so I'm trying a mind map from sourceforge's freemind instead.

attached is the freemind pdf file or electrofringe2005.mm freemind file

photos from the event can be viewed @ my flickr tina2005 tag

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or here's a screenshot of the freemind file :

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