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Robin Petterd phone chat - sonic objects, art practice, water and built instruments 23/10/2002

The phone chat is split into two parts & hosted on

part 1 page, where you can select the format to listen or download the mp3 via direct link

part 2 page, where you can select the format to listen / download or download the mp3 via direct link

I had written a profile for Robin on years ago, but unfortunately I don't have a copy any more.

we chat about his art practice, various projects he's worked on, sonic objects, working with electronics & computers in art, and his theme using water. the interview took place on 28/10/2002.

Robin's website is

His teaching blog is at

You can download, listen and view some of his works and educational pieces at or via his ourmedia page

There's photos and description of his 2002 sonic objects on Gail Priest's snagglepussy site as his work was part of the Unnatural Selection exhibition at the Manning Regional Gallery, Taree

(photo from
(I'm still looking for my photos from the workshop)

here's some photos of Electrofringe / This is Not Art 2002 where Robin held a workshop / session

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