Future Screen Mobile

FutureScreen Mobile investigates the potential of mobile phone devices and technologies as platforms for creation, distribution and presentation of screen based and new media art. Focusing on the development of skills and knowledge, FutureScreen Mobile consists of a series of workshops and master classes and a research component. Outcomes of all FutureScreen Mobile events and research will be presented on the dLux media arts website with the aim of establishing an invaluable knowledge base for artists interested in working in the mobile domain.

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Code Art cdrom


CD-ROM // 2004

- shown at the Art Center nabi in Seoul

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Beeoff is a Swedish artist group based in Stockholm. Since the start they have focused on real-time processes and worked with advanced Internet technology as a distribution form. The works are often seamlessly intertwined in the areas of sound, video, and software. Art in many different ways but always intended to be produced and viewed in real-time. This means that image and sound streams are connected to a physical installation that is both visual and conceptual.

Mapping Swiss media art projects

Mapping New Territories sets out to survey a new landscape - the landscape of Swiss media art. This voyage of discovery is charted by an exhibition (30 January through 27 March 2005), a symposium (12 March 2005) and a publication (book and CD-Rom, forthcoming May 2005). En route, we will explore the still young history of Swiss media art, from its tentative beginnings in the 1990s to its rapid development in recent years.

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True Americans

True art and politics: print, photograph and send a picture with your favorite presidential candidate!

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BLOC - Wales art and new technology site

BLOC is the art and technology agency for Wales. The website contains a wealth of information such as news, calls for submissions, events and projects happening around Wales and United Kingdom.

AAG 2005 Meeting - Call For Papers: Geographies of Media

The Association of American Geographers are seeking papers that examine geographies of the various forms of media, including music, art, advertising, newspapers and magazines, video and animation etc. These sessions should include contributions to current issues surrounding these media, beginning with constructions of space, culture, society, and identity within textual realms. AAG are hoping to present a wide range of both topic and context and seek participants interested in the geographical implications - social, political, cultural, and economic - that are often contained within the spaces and places of different forms of media. These contexts invite inquiries into the production, distribution, exhibition, and consumption of all types of media and they encourage critical, pedagogical and discursive contributions. visit for details

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the electromagnetic internet

Ever wanted to know more about electronics and electro magnetism? is the place to go to improve your education. The mail list is also worth a look with it's informative and interesting articles. The aim of the site is to raise public awareness of electromagnetic matter, energy, & in-formation in everyday life. There are simple and innovative projects for you to try at home such as making electronic jewellery, a circuit board log plus more.

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Dream Sequence - harvesting dreams into a digital film

The Dream Sequence is a unique, interactive digital film project, produced and directed by Christopher Kenworthy. Dreams are harvested from around the world, one is chose and then made into a digital film. The completed film will be screened on the dream sequence website in late August 2004, and used to stimulate further dreams through a technique known as 'incubation'. visit for details

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