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IIC - India International Centre

Founded in 1958 and inaugurated in 1962, the India International Centre is a premier non-official organisation in the capital, playing a unique cultural and intellectual role in the life of the citizens. The Centre has been likened to a Triveni providing three streams of activities--intellectual stream through seminars, symposia, meetings, discussions and its Library and publications; cultural stream, through its series of cultural events like music, dance, films, etc. and social stream through its hostel and catering facilities where people meet and mingle together.

The Academy of Electronic Arts (India)

The Academy of Electronic Arts is a learning, sharing, mentoring, networking, benchmarking and empowering institution that evolves continuously to inclusively address *all* e-Creative Practices & Practitioners, whether already existing or as yet inconceivable, whether professional or not, and whether formally recognized as Art forms and Artists or not so, on a public-benefit basis into the future.

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The IDEA - Indian Documentary of Electronic Arts

The IDEA [Indian Documentary of Electronic Arts] is a very simple creative sharing matrix for e-Creative Practitioners and associated individuals & organizations from all over the world to share their works, visions, aspirations, experiments and communiqués, etc. on a common platform that can be distributed, retrieved and archived for the future. The 7 gazettes issued so far are also now hosted online by the e-music pioneer & composer (and Special Advisor to The AeA) Laurie Spiegel, at

Raqs Media Collective "There has been a Change of Plan" exhibition, Delhi

on saturday I went along to the Raqs Media Collective exhibition called "There has Been a Change of Plan" at Gallery Nature Morte in Delhi, India. I'm currently working here on a project. I've been following Raqs' work and Sarai for quite a few years but this is the first time I've seen their work in person. it was a retrospective of work from 2002-2006. Raqs MC have exhibited/collaborated with many international exhibitions and festivals/biennales (including recently the sydney biennale I believe?) but this was the first solo exhibition in Delhi, even though they were formed in 1992 & have been exhibiting since then also.

the collective also work on various research projects and release an annual reader (Sarai Reader) - this can be viewed on their website as well as in book form (though I've only seen them here in print form so was lucky to pick them up locally!) the readers have a different topic each year which academics and researchers write submissions for to discuss and document various issues. they also run a research fellows project where students write on topics such as urban development, village life in India, media, technology, social and health issues etc.

anway, I took some photos and made a slideshow video if you would like to take a look. (some of the pics are a little blurry I'm afraid, but they give you an idea)

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another video of the India Habitat Centre here in Delhi which is a convention centre / collection of buildings where there are many galleries & conference rooms/workshops on Indian art and habitats / urban & rural development & life projects/info is at

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this week/weekend is the CSDS Independent Fellows 2006 end of year presentations so I'm hoping to head along to that also (or part of it)

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lotus temple + humayans tomb part1

we've seen a few of the touristy spots in Delhi and I've taken heaps of photos, way too many to see at my flickr site so I've started making little slideshow videos. this is part 1 of the day we went to see the Baha'ai Lotus Temple and Humayan's Tomb.

the lotus temple looks very similar to the Sydney Opera House except the wings curve inwards like a lotus flower rather than outwards like the opera house. you have to take your shoes off and walk up a long path to reach it. there's thousands of visitors each day - it's one of the busiest places on Earth apparently. you can't take video or photos inside the temple. the acoustics in the room are amazing though! I've taken some audio recordings which I'll post one day. such beautiful echoes. people whisper and whistle and the sounds carry throughout the space wafting up to the upper rafters. the architectural design of the support beams inside is amazing also. plus it's really clean and much cooler than outside so is a great way to get away from the craziness and loudness of the rest of Delhi.

Humayan's Tomb is another tourist attraction. it is the tomb of one of the leaders and his wives. it was built about 100 years prior to the Taj Mahal so they call it a practice building for the Taj. though how they knew that 100 years later a king would be so successful and want to show his wealth & power by building a huge monument to his dead wife I'm not sure, but it's a nice story the tourists (like us) are told! perhaps I need to read a history / architecture book to find the full story. it's pretty much in rubble now. it's amazing how little the heritage is looked after here compared to other places. apparently up until about 30 years ago, people lived in the village compound still so it wasn't taken care of as it should have been until more recent years. I suppose a large space like this with protected walls was a good address to have at the time..

video is also posted at in case the one below doesn't work

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kites for independance day

kites for independance day, originally uploaded by AliaK.

traditionally the children fly kites leading up to independance day (15/08) but I've been seeing them in Delhi since April. nice to watch in the afternoons if you're out and about. the kids get up on the roof of their apartment block and fly small hanky sized kites whilst dodging the power lines. I haven't been able to get a good shot but this one will remind me of them in the meantime.

Tehelka - The People's Paper (India)

Tehelka is a weekly independent newspaper in India which covers social and cultural in-depth articles which are not seen in the major newspapers. The paper's motto is "The People's Paper - Free - Fair - Fearless".

asia net

H-Asia - a member of H-Net Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine. The primary purpose of H-ASIA is to enable historians and other Asia scholars to easily communicate current research and teaching interests; to discuss new articles, books, papers, approaches, methods and tools of analysis; to test new ideas and share comments and tips on teaching.

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