The IDEA - Indian Documentary of Electronic Arts

The IDEA [Indian Documentary of Electronic Arts] is a very simple creative sharing matrix for e-Creative Practitioners and associated individuals & organizations from all over the world to share their works, visions, aspirations, experiments and communiqués, etc. on a common platform that can be distributed, retrieved and archived for the future.

Almost 1,000 copies of each CD-Gazette of The IDEA are distributed free to identified e-artists and associated individuals & organizations all over the world through the six month period following individual publication (leftovers are available for purchase after this).

The 7 gazettes issued so far are also now hosted online by the e-music pioneer & composer (and Special Advisor to The AeA) Laurie Spiegel, at

The IDEA series of CD-gazettes and the overall archive of materials that the project has gathered since 1999 are now reckoned by several people in the know to be "one of the most significant historical archives of the worldwide digital arts movement available anywhere in the early twenty-first century."

Originally a project of the President of The AeA in his private capacity, The IDEA and it's archives are mentored and stored by The AeA since January 2005.