Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society (KEAMS)

The Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society (KEAMS) was founded for the development of electro-acoustic music and computer music in 1993.

The society provides a broad forum for new compositions and performance of electro-acoustic music, research about music technology and computer music, technical information sharing, and concerts of electro-acoustic music both in Korea and abroad. Its membership includes composers, performers, educators, researchers and others with an interest of electro-acoustic music. KEAMS' activities include an annual international festival "SICMF", the yearly scientific journal "Emile", and locally organized events such as contests and seminars.

KEAMS is involved with the following activities:

Korea Computer Music Contest

The Korea Computer Music Contest is an annual competition for young composers in Korea.


Every month we invite a composer, theorist, or performer and held a seminar for our members and people who are interested in electro-acoustic music.

Summer Camp

The annual summer camp has held since 2000 with different subject every year for our members or students.

Journal "Emile"

"Emile" is a non-periodic journal that focuses on electro-acoutic music. The journal currently is only in Korean.

visit http://www.keams.org for more details

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