Falling Hats - Appropriation in Sydney experimental music

Falling Hats: Appropriation in Sydney Experimental Electronic Music
is a radio feature that went to air on FBi Radio Sydney on Sunday 2004-02-15.

Now you can listen to it online, as 40kbps streaming mp3pro
(please use an mp3pro compatible player for double the sound quality).


here's the blurb:

Falling Hats: Appropriation in Sydney Experimental Electronic Music.

A look at musical appropriation, sampling, quotation and audio collage,
from the perspectives of several Sydney underground artists.

The first hour features some of the more experienced luminaries of the field,
including Rik Rue; Garry Bradbury and Tom Ellard of Severed Heads; and
John Blades of the Loop Orchestra. Learn all about cutups and tape loops,
and why Deep Forest isn't cool.

The second hour focuses on the new generation, including Adrian Bertram
of Wake Up And Listen; Luke Collison aka Dsico; and Toecutter from
System Corrupt; Find out about plunderphonics, bootlegs and breakcore.
The program ends with a discussion of copyright, fair use p2p and the
MP3 debate.

Falling Hats features amazing music from all of these artists, as well as
some of their peers and influences.

Produced by Shannon O'Neill, February 2004.

- - - - - - - - - -

I've also just put online an interview *of* me by Brooke Olsen of the 2RRR
show Jagged Frequencies that went to air late last year.


It's a 15 minute interview that covers quite a lot of ground including my
background, experimental radio, Wake Up And Listen, Alias Frequencies,
and the Disorientation events.

- - - - - - - - - -

All material on the Alias Frequencies web site is now under the Creative
Commons 'Sampling Plus' License, which encourages creative reuse, as
well as p2p distribution. We are also in the process of making a lot of our
material available for download, as high quality 192kbps mp3, starting with
Wake Up And Listen's 'Mustard Keanu' CD.



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