d:Art.O5 - Distributed Art

d:Art.O5 is the eighth edition of dLux media arts acclaimed annual showcase of
recent Australian and International single channel, short experimental digital film and
video, web and sound art.

dLux media arts is now calling for works for the following categories of d>Art.O5:

- d>Art.O5 Screen: Open to Australian citizens or permanent residents only
- d>Art.O5 Sound: Open to Australian and International artists
- d>Art.O5 Web: Open to Australian and International artists

Under the sub-title "Distributed Art" d>Art.O5 will both focus on art forms that have
an inherently distributed nature (web art, mobile phone art) and investigate new
methods for distribution of digital art. (podcasting, BitTorrent, Bluetooth etc.).

d>Art.O5 will consist of an exhibition of sound, web, and mobile phone art and a
screening program of experimental film and video art. The exhibition will take place
at the Sydney Opera House Exhibition Hall in August/September 2005. The screening
program will be presented during this same period.

During the exhibition the sound and mobile phone art will be available for
distribution to the private devices (mp3 players, mobile phones) of the visitors. After
the exhibition period, the sound and screen works will be distributed online through
podcasting and BitTorrent, respectively. The web works will be presented in an online
gallery on the dLux media arts website. All distribution will be under a Creative
Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License.

The call for entries closes on June 15th. Any entries not completed by this date will
not be accepted. Entrants will be notified of the selection results by July 1st.

For more information and to make a submission to d>Art.O5, please visit


Adriaan Stellingwerff
Program Manager
dLux media arts

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