rocket noise . rocket sounds. call For Noise . call For Sound


this year at Burning Flipside (
there will be a 40'+ tall rocket (
the rocket will exist onsite for about 3 days,
at which time it will either take off or burn to the ground.
my guess is the rocket will take off, but i am an optimist.

it would be nice for the rocket to make some subtle (and sometimes not so
subtle) sounds.

here is what i am thinking:

3-5 independent sound sources: cd players and simple computer speakers. each
set up will be placed somewhere in the rocket. somewhere pretty. or not. we
shall see. simple is nice.

from each little sound source will come noises and sounds that various people

who are various people?
well. that could mean you, me and everybody in this place!

what kinds of sounds?
anything really, except songs. think rocket. think space. this is a chance
for you noise heads, field recorders, non musicians, curious people, first
timers, blips&bleepers, microwave recorders, laptop rockers, sound designers,
sound destroyers & general audio lovers to submit material. arrhythmic,
incoherent, cut up, noisy, minimal, spacey = good.

how much material?
it really doesn't matter. submit as much or as little as you like. but make
sure it is ALL you. your recordings (of course sampling is okay, but do
something with it!), your edits, your squeaks, your beeps.. all of it from
and we're not looking for super high quality here -- remember, this will come
out of computer speakers and add to sounds from other small speakers and
filtering from the rest of the event. of course, in the end i hope to have a
good 2-4 hours of material!

What format should be used to submit?
MP3 (email or on a site I can download from - unfortunately there is not an
site at this time)
CD, Cassette, MD (in person, snail mail, address below)
Others? Email and ask!

contact & submissions at
please submit material before 5/23/2005.

thank you for your time and noise,
2200 bluebonnet #1
Austin, TX 78704