Mimetics research

Richard Brown has a BSc in Computers & Cybernetics and an MA in Fine Art and creates interactive artworks using multi-media technology, computer programming, electronics and interfacing.

This website illustrates interactive artworks I have created over the last seven years.

The works represent the results of an enquiry into the nature of mind and consciousness, concerning concepts of space, time and energy.

The term mimetics refers to the ideas of illusion and representation ...

Much of this work found its inspiration from previous experiments (1990-1995) using a wide variety of time based media, including high voltage electricity, mould, electrochemical reactions and sound. During this time I found great inspiration from the book Non-Euclidean Geometry, The Fourth Dimension and Modern Art, by Linda Dalrymple Henderson.

Alchemical concepts also feature in my enquiry, relating to the idea that by enacting out a process within the physical world, the inner world may also be transformed. This idea being most clearly represented in the interactive work Alembic.