mhfs, Sean Kerr, Robin Fox @ Artspace, Auckland, 18/02/2006 - promotional material + artist information

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Robin Fox (MELB)
Sean Kerr (AK)
mhfs (AK)

Artspace - 7 pm, Feb 18th

$10 waged, $8.00 unwaged

Robin Fox
is a Melbourne based computer sound and visual artist currently exploring
the sonic possibilities of a hybrid that melds ecological contingency theory
with live interactive computer music and cutting edge digital diffusion

Robin is one of Australia¬πs most interesting experimental music exports. His
work covers the live performance of electroacoustic music, the symbiosis of
sound and light phenomena and the live processing of instrumental and other
live electronic sources. His career to date covers solo electroacoustic
performance, collaborations with some of the worlds finest improvisers (John
Rose, Tony Buck, Clayton Thomas, Anthony Pateras, Erki Veltheim, Clare
Cooper among many others) and an ongoing audio visual project that melds
electrical signals to create synaesthetic sound/light works.

Sean Kerr
is an artist and freelance curator. Currently Sean is Senior Lecturer/HOS in
Intermedia and Timebased Arts at Elam School of Fine Arts, University of

Sean has strong interests in sound and its relationship to image, pop
culture and visual art. He explores these themes in multiple formats
including installation, live performance, painting and the web.
Kerr's practice is frequently multi-disciplinary.

During 2003 Kerr was invited by Artspace Auckland to curate an annual season
of sound projects for their permanent stairwell music installation,
resulting in the publication of an experimental music CD. His collaborative
working method is well respected and his curatorial projects have all
involved the production of new work.

is Mark Sadgrove, an Auckland based sound artist who has released
solo work on Celebrate Psi Phenomenon (Lower Hutt), Scarcelight (America)
and his own label a binary datum.

He is also a member of Auckland ensemble Plains and performs in numerous
duos. mhfs has recently performed in Berlin and Tokyo in a micro world-tour.
A neo-Luddite, he plans to eventually replace all the equipment he doesn't
understand with his own creations and enter a hermetically sealed sound
world of insular sonic gestures.

Until that day, you get to enjoy his home made pipe guitar and decimator
circuits channelled through an angry array of csound processors, creating a
barrage of decaying waveforms. Eat up!


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