mhfs performance - Artspace, Auckland 18/02/2006 - video file 1of 2

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is Mark Sadgrove, an Auckland based sound artist who has released
solo work on Celebrate Psi Phenomenon (Lower Hutt), Scarcelight (America)
and his own label a binary datum.

He is also a member of Auckland ensemble Plains and performs in numerous
duos. mhfs has recently performed in Berlin and Tokyo in a micro world-tour.
A neo-Luddite, he plans to eventually replace all the equipment he doesn't
understand with his own creations and enter a hermetically sealed sound
world of insular sonic gestures.

Until that day, you get to enjoy his home made pipe guitar and decimator
circuits channelled through an angry array of csound processors, creating a
barrage of decaying waveforms. Eat up!

This video is part 1 of 2 recorded at the performance.